NYSAC says state can’t expect counties to shoulder economic burden of budgetary crisis

Counties in New York are facing an uphill battle as they look at budget season.

The New York State Association of Counties are advocating for the ‘other ways’ the state can reduce its spending to close a $14.5 billion deficit.

It’s a deficit that could grow to $60 billion in New York over the next few years.

A new pandemic relief bill has been hard to come by, as the Senate and House remain log-jammed on an outcome.

Mark LaVigne is the Deputy Director of NYSAC and recently spoke with Finger Lakes News Radio.

“There are other ways to balance this budget. There are other ways to close the gap. Please don’t just assume that the only way to do it is to cut the programs and services to those who need it most now,” he said.

NYSAC submitted more than 80 possible actions the state could take to reduce the damage done. But none had been adopted.