SUNY announces strict guidelines for students with harsher penalties

SUNY officials unveiled a set of uniform guidelines to police students who hold gatherings on- and off-campus at colleges across New York.

One of the biggest risks for repeat offenders is permanent dismissal. The new guidelines take hold this coming week.

Students could be sanctioned for holding or attending parties on or off campus as well as failing to self-isolate or quarantine if they test positive for the Coronavirus.

“This emergency directive, which implements a COVID-19 sanctioning policy, is intentionally narrowly tailored to the current public health emergency, and seeks to create uniformity of sanction to help SUNY balance the need to protect public health of students, faculty, staff, and community members, with students’ rights to remain within the educational environment,” SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras wrote in a memo.

“This directive does not supersede the definitions of violations of COVID-19 requirements, where defined by a campus within their Code of Conduct or other policy, but assigns standardized sanctions for such violations, dependent upon gravity and intentionality.”

Click here to read the full-letter and guidelines.