Ban on evictions extended until January, but housing activists say rent & mortgages should be canceled

A ban on residential evictions in New York has been extended until January, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“I want people to have fundamental stability in their lives,” Cuomo said. “Nobody is going to be evicted because of housing.”

The extension comes after an extension on commercial evictions. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said this week that he will not extend a moratorium on evictions past October.

Meanwhile, Citizen Action Political Director Stanley Fritz says that the state needs to go further. “His executive order must prohibit all evictions and eviction filings. Anything less would only sell the people of New York short,” he told New York State of Politics.

For lawmakers, Democrats say they would like to see rent and mortgage payments cancelled at the end of the moratorium. A major concern is what will happen on the other side of the pandemic, when a spike in evictions could occur.