NYS suspends liquor license of Geneva bar after investigation by SLA

Rylie J’s in Geneva has had its liquor license suspended by New York State, after ‘egregious violations’ of Coronavirus related regulations were discovered in an investigation.

The enforcement is an apparent crackdown on bars and restaurants that serve college communities across the state.

Investigators with the State Liquor Authority reported that they discovered six college-age patrons standing at a table without facial coverings, drinking alcohol without food during a September 17th visit.

During that same visit the investigators said they saw another group of seven people without facial coverings standing at a nearby table.

The investigator then observed two patrons, who were not wearing face coverings, order two drinks directly from the bar. They were served without food.

Approximately 30 minutes later when the investigators left, the bar had approximately 45 people inside, who were mingling and ignoring social distancing guidelines.

They were also said to not be wearing face coverings.

This is the first bar in the Geneva area to be named by the SLA and have its liquor license suspended.