Carrier Dome’s new roof had a leak Saturday but Syracuse says it’s no big surprise

The sight of water dripping inside Syracuse’s $118 million Carrier Dome investment on Saturday afternoon might have struck some as a peak-2020 moment but a school spokesperson said it is not another piece of unexpected bad news this year.

While the school officially opened the renovated building two weeks ago with a win against Georgia Tech, Syracuse continues to do work both inside and outside the building. Rather than a sign of a construction miscue, the school said the rain is simply the product of a continuing process to seal the roof.

The lack of finishing touches, along with some rain over the weekend, produced an occasional drip over portions of the bleachers on Saturday. The water dripped and landed with an audible ping on the metal bleachers and a plop as it landed in puddles on the cement.

“As our community can see daily, with crew members up on the roof, we are still finishing some work at the stadium,’ Senior Associate Vice President for Communications Sarah Scalese said in a statement. “This includes the final sealing of the roof, among other smaller projects.”
Syracuse did not say when the sealing would be completed.
Visitors to the campus over the past two weeks have been able to spot workers on the roof almost daily, even after the final pieces of the roof were positioned in place.