How to start a Mom Blog in 3 steps

Mom blogs are an amazing way for you to connect with other mothers and share your own experiences. You can pass on parenting wisdom, laugh at your children’s’ silliest teaching moments and create a virtual time capsule that captures your unique journey. The best part is that a mom blog can also be the perfect way to unify many of your key interests, like home decorating, cooking and photography. Stay at home moms are especially keen on building sites that can bring in extra income. Passive revenue streams are the best way to earn a living. You make money while you sleep, and you can provide for your family without having to spend 40 to 60 hours a week away from them. You don’t need any experience to get started expect a WIFI connection and a little creativity.

Find a Niche

Are you a former teacher who wants to pass on parenting tips to flustered parents? Maybe you’re a homeschool mom who can share her unique approach to parents who have found themselves suddenly thrust into the role of full-time teacher. You could be new to parenthood and want to share your experiences with other first-time mommies. Maybe you adopted a child, or you’re a single parent who can cater to a similar audience. There are so many different ways to become and be a mother. Your journey is unlike any other, regardless of how ordinary you may feel. Find out what makes you happiest to talk about, and make that your focus. Lifestyle content for moms can include everything from easy meal plans to positive affirmations and marriage tips. Let your imagination go wild, and think about the type of content you like to read. That’s the same type of content you should consider writing.

Build Your Brand

Start by buying a domain and registering for an account on WordPress. There are other hosting platforms out there, but for beginners, WordPress is the de facto hosting site that’s incredibly easy to use. Your domain should also be the name of your blog. Take some time to think about it; do you want something kitschy and cute, or maybe something more classic and sophisticated? Make your name something simple but memorable; it should be your future social media handles as well, which will make it easier for people to recognize you around the web. If you’re having a hard time coming up with a name, here are some tips:

  • Use your niche in the title, e.g. The Cat Mom
  • Focus on your skills, e.g. Chef Mama
  • Put a spin on your family name, e.g. Martinez Times Five

Plan Your First Five Posts

Make a plan to publish two posts a week and accompany them with related IG or Facebook posts. Your first five posts should serve as introductions to their respective categories, like DIY, parenting tips and beauty. Whatever your core topics are, make them the focus of your first posts. This will give you a well-defined brand in just a month. You may also think about hiring an SEO freelancer who can help you begin to rank on Google and get more views. SEO freelance marketers know how to take up-and-coming blogs and turn them into real brands. They’ll help you find the best keywords, come up with content ideas and optimize all your posts to rank higher on search engine results pages.