How many E-ZPass tags will households with multiple vehicles need? Questions arise as cashless tolling, higher prices loom

This week the New York State Thruway Authority held a series of virtual public hearings on a proposal to increase tolls along that highway by 30%.

However, those who covered the hearings noted that very few people actually attended.

That could partly be due to the fact that frequent users of the Thruway, who have an E-ZPass won’t be impacted by the toll hike. The Thruway Authority says the proposal, if approved, will only be applied to motorists who do not have an E-ZPass.

That has been a point of contention for some motorists, who feel this is another way that the state is targeting those who do not have the means, or access to an E-ZPass.

However, News10NBC was asked a simple question: What about families with multiple vehicles? Can the same E-ZPass tag be used?

The short answer is ‘yes‘, but it requires each license plate to be associated with the specific account. Motorists shouldn’t simply take a tag from one vehicle, and use it on another that isn’t already labeled within the account. While it’s not entirely clear why that is a requirement — it’s outlined specifically within the E-ZPass rule system.

Bills are going to be sent through the mail to non-E-ZPass users at a 30% hike over normal rates. There will also be a $2 surcharge.

Get E-ZPass soon or be ready to pay 30% more on NYS Thruway

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