New York tells motorists to renew driving documents soon, as executive order expires on November 3rd

Throughout the pandemic questions have been raised about when motorists would need to renew various documents connected to their driving privileges.

The most recent news on this topic came a couple weeks ago when Governor Andrew Cuomo extended his executive order on the matter into early-November.

However, that deadline is fast approaching — and documents that expired after March 1st will need to be updated. This includes vehicle inspections, registrations, and identification cards. That executive order signed by Cuomo extended the grace period through November 3rd, but once that ends — motorists will be responsible for any lapses.

The DMV is reminding motorists to start working on getting those documents renewed, and to use digital portals to do so. New York State has setup several services online, which allow motorists to quickly renew documents without going to a local DMV office.

That’s a good thing because frustration has been growing over the last few months, as in-person appointments have been challenging to make — or left motorists wait-listed for weeks. Motorists can click here to make an appointment for an in-person visit to the DMV.

When will New York require vehicle inspections, or license/registration renewals? Not until at least November

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