COVID positive rate ticking higher in Finger Lakes, Central New York, and Southern Tier

There are not many states that New Yorkers can travel to where they will avoid the 14-day quarantine in play thanks to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive order on outside travel.

Now, 43 states are on the list, which is being updated by the Governor’s office and the state’s COVID page.

“New York had the highest infection rate. We now have 43 states on our quarantine list. It just shows you how different the situation is now,” Cuomo said on Tuesday during a press call. “This is really a bizarre outcome.”

The Governor expressed concern over recent increases in positive tests in Connecticut and New Jersey, but admitted that it would be difficult to prevent some level of transmission, given the workforce that exists in each of these places.

The state’s overall positive rate of infection is 1.2%. In the Finger Lakes, there is a positive rate of 1.4%. Central New York has a positive rate of 2.1%, while the Southern Tier has a positive rate of 1.8%.

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