Tiki Bar North in Waterloo has liquor license suspended by NYS

A bar in Seneca County has had its liquor license suspended by New York State for violating coronavirus-related guidelines.

The news came down on Friday in an updated press release from the Liquor Authority.

It began on September 26th following complaints of social distancing violations at Tiki Bar North located in Waterloo.

An SLA investigator made an unannounced visit to the site finding approximately 60 patrons gathered at the bar and outdoor areas.

Investigators observed 12 patrons standing at the bar consuming alcohol. At least 7 patrons were observed walking up to the bar to order drinks, mostly without facial coverings, according to the SLA.

The investigator purchased a drink without food from the bartender without a facial covering and observed the owner behind the bar without a facial covering.

The outdoor area was busy with patrons crammed onto picnic tables – which were not properly distanced from each other.

As result of those violations and the visit – New York State suspended the Tiki Bar’s liquor license.

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