What is the future of online casino niche?

Casinos have been in existence since 1638. Online casinos became mainstream two decades ago in the dot com era. We’ve seen them evolve since. At first, we could only play wager on classic 2D slots. These days we have 3D slots that have realistic graphics, table games with ambient sound schemes and even live dealer casinos. Earlier casinos were running on Flash which was eventually replaced by HTML5 due to the numerous security loopholes it had. Where are online casinos headed? Will Augmented reality (VR) play a role or is this just a pipe dream? Online gaming is a $50 Billion industry with casinos aggressively reaching out for a slice of this cake. It’s an arms race where they try to outsmart each other. We have sites like Dutch Online casino site onlinecasinohex.nl that are dedicated to finding new gambling sites with the most innovative features. None of us has a crystal ball. Here’s what we THINK online casinos will be like in the future.

They will be making use of Blockchain technologies

Cryptocurrencies are magical. They’re 100% transparent yet anonymous. All casinos claim to be transparent. We even have third parties like eCOGRA that exist to test casinos. They check their Random Number Generators ensuring that they’re indeed RANDOM and not just spitting out pre-determined outcomes. Blockchain may revolutionise online casinos. Players will see how much a casino is paying out to players. They all claim to have 95%+ pay-outs and we’ll finally have a way of verifying this.

Transacting in cryptos like Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin is advantageous for players too. They typically have lower transaction rates than fiat currencies. They are not governed by a centralised body and are jurisdiction independent. All the decent casinos are already accepting crypto deposits and withdrawals. We expect that this list will grow soon.

Live Casinos and e-sports

Live dealer tables aside, betting on e-sports was unheard of 5 years ago. All the “big” gamers stream their gameplay on Switch, and in Realtime. They even compete amongst themselves. These days, you can bet on who will win at a CS:GO match just as you would on which team will take the EUFA trophy. Isn’t this magical? Online casinos will let you bet on just about anything. E-sport betting is yet to gain mainstream popularity. With platforms like YouTube and Switch making it possible for players to Livestream e-sport tournaments, we predict that they will garner a huge following.

Mobile-first casinos

Mobile casinos have been attracting players and this won’t change any time soon. All the casinos and sportsbooks worth their salt have native apps for all the popular platforms – iOS, android, blackberry and Windows. Mobile apps aside, their websites are built as web apps. These are responsive websites that automatically resize to look great even on devices with smaller screens. Web apps are “downloaded” on the player’s browser and don’t use up as much bandwidth as traditional websites. This means that they work just fine even on slower cellular connections. Not that we expect slower internet speeds in the future though.

Secure wagering

All licensed casinos are required to secure their player’s details with 128-bit encryption, which is industry standard. In a bid to curb identity theft and money laundering, you can only deposit from a credit card that’s in your name. online Casinos ask for proof of identity and residence at their discretion. We expect that these security measures will be improved. Technology is changing first. Eight years ago, who would have predicted that all smartphones would come with a fingerprint sensor? The future is bright. Gamblers will trust their casinos more.