DEBRIEF: Why is it important to get flu shot during Coronavirus Pandemic? (podcast)

Dr. Steven Schulz says getting a flu shot is even more important this year, than it has been in the past.

He’s the Pediatric Medical Director for Rochester Regional Health’s Monroe County practices, as well as Finger Lakes Medical Associates, which has offices in Geneva and Penn Yan.

A recent poll by CS Mott Children’s Hospital in Michigan found that one-out-of-three parents do not plan to vaccinate their children for the regular flu. He says there are two main reasons for this, one of which is purely precautionary – as parents and people in general – try to avoid doctors offices.

However, the flu shot is crucial in an ordinary year in preventing or lessening the intensity of millions of cases every season. Today on The Debrief Dr. Steven Schulz on the importance of the flu shot, and the safeguards in place at local medical offices in the region.


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