Cuomo won’t rule out full-scale shutdown, but less-intense restrictions would come first in New York

On Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo didn’t rule out the possibility of clamping down more on economic restrictions as COVID-19 cases continued to rise.

He was on MSNBC discussing the state’s response to the pandemic, and what changes had been implemented over the last 7-10 days.

Cuomo reiterated during the conversation that while the valve could be tightened – less-extreme overall measures would come first.

The Governor spoke to the situation in New York City. “On indoor dining, they’re at 25%. They were supposed to go to 50%, I stopped that and I just closed them at 10 p.m. and if the numbers continue to go up, we’re going to clamp down even more,” he explained.

Bars, restaurants, and gyms across the state are required to close at 10 p.m. daily now. That was the most-intense measure that has been taken since the spring with regard to overall, statewide economic activity.

This has been central to the state’s response, though. Instead of imposing a mass-ruling or closure – use a geographic approach. Cuomo says the micro-cluster approach has worked.

However, not everyone is comfortable with that now. As numbers have risen, so have calls for more widespread shutdowns to contain the virus.

However, Cuomo noted that building consensus is crucial to ensuring that the best policies are instituted. Without a clear stimulus bill in the works or financial relief for the state – Cuomo and others are hesitant to go with a widespread shutdown of the economy. The state’s budget deficit could balloon to $60+ billion in the next three years.

As of Monday the state’s infection rate sat below 3%. In micro-cluster zones the state’s rate sat below 5%.

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