Another person arrested at Auburn home where homicide happened last year; official pursue seizure of troubled home

An address that has been giving officials in the city of Auburn headaches for years was hurled back in to the headlines after another arrest.

Gary Guy Jr., 45, of 8 Delevan Street was arrested over the weekend on a warrant for possessing a stolen bicycle and possessing around 3 grams of an undetermined substance assumed by law enforcement to be a drug.

Last November, there was a homicide at the residence. Investigators say that was tied to drug activity, but law enforcement also noted that it was the first homicide in Auburn over a span of five years.

The City has filed a number of complaints about the address. They are currently working through the process of seizing the property.

“We’re trying to keep an eye on it,” Deputy Cheif Roger Anthony told Finger Lakes News Radio. “We’re trying to limit the exposure to the neighbors who have to live next to the place.”

Anthony says that all of the new complaints become part of the City’s case against the property owner in its attempt to seize it for nuisance violations.

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