Data shows New York is outpacing the U.S average in COVID increase, even as ‘positive rate’ remains low

There are more cases of COVID-19 in New York. For that matter, there are more cases of the coronavirus in most states across the U.S.

Has the micro-cluster strategy worked?

Governor Andrew Cuomo says it has been effective. He’s argued repeatedly during briefings over the last 30 days that the state has one of the lowest infection rates in the U.S.

However, those two statistics may not tell the full-story, according to a new report from the Empire Center.

In recent weeks there have been some statewide orders – like reducing the number of individuals at private residences to 10 or fewer people, or reducing the hours that bars, restaurants, and gyms could operate.

Some argue that the state is making assumptions about the micro-cluster strategy with limited data. There have only been a handful of micro-cluster distinctions – especially Upstate – but the Governor has touted their effectiveness anyway.

The Empire Center report pointed to the infection jump that occurred over the first two weeks of November. In just 16 days New York’s rate of infection jumped 121%. The national average over that same period was 88%.

The state might rank in the five lowest for overall positivity rate, but it also has one of the most-robust testing structures in the U.S.

Read more of this Empire Center report here.

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