Cuomo says state will work on ‘winter plan’ for added COVID-19 guidelines

There’s going to be three major areas of focus after the Thanksgiving holiday, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

He held a press conference on Thursday outlining the things that the state would focus on moving forward. Last week he voiced concerns about the impact of the upcoming 30-40 days – between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.

“The more data you have the smarter the decisions you make,” Cuomo said on Thursday. “We want to see what Thanksgiving actually did and if it did it evenly across the state or causes a spike in some parts of the state.”

Among the things that would be focused on moving forward is adding factors to the micro-cluster zones, developing a testing plan for schools to keep students up to the 8th grade in school, and a distribution plan for the vaccine.

“The yellow, orange, red zones — we want to add factors, most notably hospitalization rate and availability of hospital beds, ICU beds, because that is the worst case scenario right is you run out of hospital beds,” Cuomo added.

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