DAILY DEBRIEF: Support local because this is a make-or-break winter (podcast)

There has been a lot of bad news about the Coronavirus Pandemic in recent weeks. It’s the holiday season, and ordinarily, this is when businesses – big and small – are ramping things up. On Wednesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo expressed optimism about data that shows COVID transmission is happening less in public places – like stores, gyms, and restaurants. He says that’s because safeguards are in place and habits are changing.

That’s why the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce is launching a pair of new programs aimed at raising awareness around spending money with local businesses, and educating the consumers and businesses about the things they can do to keep themselves and the public safe.

Today on The Daily Debrief Chamber CEO Jeff Shipley discusses the programs with us, and the impact they could have as businesses face a make-or-break winter.


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