Bonafiglia Family donates $15,000 to It’s A Wonderful Life Museum

The Bonafiglia family has stepped up after the Town of Seneca Falls voted to reduce its annual donation to the It’s a Wonderful Life Museum.

The 65% reduction equated to approximately $13,000. The funds are used to help the museum with operational expenses the following year.

In an effort to help out – the Bonafiglia family donated $15,000 to make up for the budget shortfall.

“The Town has been forced to make several difficult budget decisions and our family wants to help where we can. With 2021 being the 75th anniversary of the film’s release our family hopes that more and more people will be able to experience what the museum has to offer along with our hometown” said Bruce Bonafiglia in a press release.

The Museum, as well as the movie, festival, and historical references to Seneca Falls have played a major role in local tourism over the last several years.

The donation ensures that the museum will be able to continue doing what it had planned to do during 2021 to celebrate and commemorate 75 years.

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