Residents call for Town to slow down on Canandaigua Lake property acquisitions: No action planned

Town officials in Canandaigua started the process of hearing out resident concerns, as they look at the prospect of purchasing two properties to improve connection to Canandaigua Lake.

Improving public access to the lake has been a priority, and officials after a meeting on Monday that they aren’t in any hurry to make a decision.

Residents that live nearby said that the Town would be better off determining if there really is a need for more public access to Canandaigua Lake. Those went on to note that a better spend of time and resources would be improving existing parks that offer it.

“We’re evaluating,” Town Manager Doug Finch said. “We want to hear if this is suitable or not.”

Supervisor Cathy Menikotz said that everything is an option at this point, and that the town is simply moving through the process of considering those options.

No action is expected on this matter for some time.

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