What to look for when scouring for gambling sites in US

Anytime someone mentions casinos and the US in one sentence, our next line of thought is the Las Vegas casino halls bustling with life. Online casinos in the US are a different kettle, they are done online rather than in a physical location.

As an American, you will find it hard to find suitable American online casinos. Why? US online gambling laws have lots of restrictions. They are only a few online casinos in the US available and they are remarkably difficult to fish out especially their bonuses and free spins.

This does not mean you cannot play online casino games in the US. There are still some online casinos that are still open for US players. This guide will teach you how to find the best online casinos in the US and also list some online casinos that US players can use.

How to Find The Best Online Casinos in the US

The United States is one of the nations in the world with the biggest online casino restrictions. US players only have access to 30% of online casinos. This means that out of every 10 online casinos a US player finds, only 3 are likely to accept their bets.

Many online casinos are afraid of staying on the wrong of the US government and restrict bets from US gamblers in order not to provoke global power.

Finding an online American casino that will accept your bets, offer you quality gaming selections and fantastic customer service is hard. Googling out for one does not always help. Despite all the limitations, there are some steps or features to look out for to help you find the best US online casinos.

  1. Online Reviews

There are probably thousands of reviews about online casinos on the internet. Narrow your search by including ‘US’ to your search query if you are using a search engine.

Amid the massive online casino articles, they are a lot of articles with incomplete or misleading information. I recommend you only read reviews from authoritative sources.

Another point to note is to check the date the article was published. Online casinos change a lot. So while the online review may correctly name a casino as offering services to US gamblers in 2018, it may not be true in 2020.

  1. Research

It is an all-inclusive work that includes all the metrics used to certify an online casino as the best for players. Remember that the focus is not just on finding an online casino that accepts US gamblers, but finding the best one. Several online casinos accept US players, but not all their services are top-notch.

Some key aspects to research for any online casino include:

  • Security: How safe is the online casino? Has there been any security breach or incidents in which hackers have stolen people’s information? Does it use SSL encryption?

  • Licensing: Does the online casino has a license? Where is it licensed? Is it licensed in the US? What other certifications has it passed?

  • Game Selection: Does it have an extensive game catalog? How many different game types does it offer? Are my favorites games included? Are the games graphics and gaming experience excellent? How fast does it take to load? Can I play games on my mobile phone? What gaming companies make these games?

  • Payment Options: This is perhaps the most important consideration. Can the online casino accept payment for US gamblers? Make sure you get a definitive answer before moving on. What currency options are available? Most online casino accepts deposits or withdrawals in US dollars. Does it have multiple deposit and withdrawal methods?

US Online casinos worth mentioning

Before throwing yourself at a casino remember to check their license.

  1. Vegas Casino Online

If you are looking for a quality online casino that accepts US customers, Vegas Casino Online is your best bet. It offers amazing bonuses including a generous $10,000 welcome bonus (T&C apply). The casino is not new in the industry and has over 10 years of experience, delivering quality casino services in the US market.

  1. Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino is one of the oldest online casinos that still accept payments and grants access to its games to US players. You may not be familiar with the new name, its former name is Bodog. Bovada Casino focuses on offering online casino services to US players. It is the best in terms of customized themes and games for the US market.

  1. Rich Palms Casino

This is one of the best new casinos for new US players. It offers up to a 400 percent deposit bonus on the first deposit. You can get free spin bonuses which you can use on some selected slots.

Finding the best online casinos in the US is made easier when you follow the recommendations and guidelines offered by experts.