17 Places in Missoula to choose for a romantic date

Missoula is the second-largest city in the U.S state of Montana and it is often called the “Hub of five valleys.” As a visitor or a new resident in Missoula, you may be thrilled by the diverse peoples you will find in Missoula. You could find yourself easily endeared to the African-American men in the area or it may be the Romanian brides that will end up catching your eye.

Irrespective of whomever you choose to be with, you can easily feel lost regarding where to go or what to do on a date with them. If you already find yourself in this predicament, then there’s no need to continue worrying. This article is just the elixir you need for your problem.

Below are some places to go to when considering a romantic date in Missoula:

Ten Spoon Vineyard and Winery

If you and your date are wine lovers, then you can go for wine tasting at ten Spoon Vineyard and winery. With different blends of wine available, it is going to be a fun experience and a great way to create memories. You could also take memorable photos while at it to cement the experience in your mind for years to come.

Hamilton’s Players Inc

If you just want to sit back and catch your breath while stuffing your mouth with popcorn and holding hands with your lover, Hamilton’s Players, Inc is a great place to be. You could watch live theatre performances while munching away. The best part? As you buy a ticket, you are also donating to a charitable cause.

Missoula Art Museum

Whether you love art or not, there’s always a surreal experience to be had whenever you visit the Missoula Art Museum. So, why not take your partner on a date at this location? This will be the perfect spot for your lover if they have an eye for creativity. While at the museum, you can view original artworks while spending quality time with your partner. We recommend feeding your eyes on beautiful paintings and buying some on your way out to decorate your home if you plan to move in with your partner..

Riverfront Trail

Take a stroll, hand in hand with your bride on Riverfront Trail and admire the beauty and serenity of the area. The trail goes alongside a river and a valley linking west-side neighborhoods to The University of Montana. If you love walking and taking in nature, then the sound of water and gentle warm breeze gracing your faces will make the experience one to relive. 

Montgomery Distillery

If you are in Missoula and you find an Asian bride, you could take them to the distillery. As unorthodox as this idea sounds, it may just be the new experience they need to create a bond with you. There are different liquors available and a tasting room filled with different spirits for tasting. If you are in the mood for learning, you could also get to learn the distillation process.


If you have tried most of the places mentioned above and are in search of another great location, then you should try Spokane. Here, you get to enjoy the view of the city in the form of a scavenger hunt with the help of a tour guide. Couples who play and have fun together are likely to stay together and at Spokane, you can get to experience the fun-loving, outdoorsy part of your partner.

Westside Lanes and Fun Center

Westside Lanes and Fun Center is a bowling alley with a whopping 36 lanes! Now, doesn’t that sound like fun? This is a great location for a gaming date with your partner as it also features miniature golf, air hockey, pool tables, a bar, cosmic bowling, league play, and karaoke.

Caras Park

When in Missoula, you can go on a romantic date at Caras Park. It is one of the county’s parks and is a great location for an outdoor romantic date. Caras Park can seat 3,500 people and usually hosts bake sales, fairs, arts programs, and other local traditions. 

10,000 Waves: Raft and Kayak

If you are in a relationship with an adventurous partner who isn’t afraid to get a little wet, then this is a great location for a date. Trade your tux and dinner gown for waterproof kayaking suits as 10,000 waves provide river adventures. Here, you sign up for activities like kayaking, scenic river floats, whitewater rafting, inflatable, and sit-on-top kayak tours. This adventure can last for half a day or even an entire day if you have the energy for it.

The Hub Family Entertainment

The Hub Family Entertainment offers an array of arcade games. This is a great location for a romantic date with a spouse and the rest of your family. From indoor go-karts to laser tags and lots more, this is the best place to go with your wife or your bride-to-be if you want to get in the spirit of family.

Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge

If you and your partner are animal lovers, then nothing beats a visit to a wildlife resort. Luckily, in Missoula, there’s one such resort. Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge covers over 2,700 acres of land and has 2 and a half miles of a walking trail. It is home to 238 species of birds and it is a great destination for animal lovers to go and spend time at.

Kootenai Creek Trail

One romantic thing to do in Missoula is to go hiking. At Kootenai Creek Trail, you have an opportunity to both spend time with your partner and challenge yourself physically. This destination has one of the best hiking spots with breathtaking views and calm, peaceful surroundings. You can take a hike of 1-2 miles, or if you are up for a more challenging one, you could go for 12-13 miles.

St Mary’s Mission

St Mary’s Mission is a historic and cultural tourist site in Missoula. It provides information about the state of Montana and its origins. When in Missoula, you and your partner can visit St Mary’s Mission, walk around, look at beautiful artworks, stop by at the gift shop and pick up a few items.

Asian Restaurants in Missoula

If you decide to marry an Asian when in Missoula, then you should know that your work is cut out for you. You have to be meticulous and do more research on how to please them. It goes deeper than just knowing how to get an Asian bride as you have to know how to keep and impress her. One of the things you need to know is where to get your Asian wife the best dishes in town.

Below are some of the best Asian Restaurants in Missoula to go to for a romantic date:

Vietnam Grill

Vietnam Grill offers some of the best Vietnamese dishes in Missoula. It also has some Thai and Chinese influences and this is evident in the design and meals served there.

Michi Ramen Bar

Michi Ramen Bar offers the best Ramen in Missoula. Asians do not joke with their ramen. When out on a date with an Asian lady, you could get in her good books if you eat Asian meals with her as it shows that you are interested in her culture.

Pagoda Chinese Food

Asians appreciate good food and will band together wherever they can find delectable meals. This has given rise to many nice Chinese eateries in Missoula. Pagoda Chinese Food is one of such eateries. Although it is a takeout restaurant you can also take your partner for a lowkey romantic date there as it has a dine-in option.

If you’re a traveler, then you should consider visiting the Rocky part of Montana called Missoula. Missoula has a lot to offer to its tourists and residents alike. If you intend to find love while there, you could really use this list to select the ideal location for you and your partner to go to for a romantic date.