Cheap Kratom – Verified Source in 2021

Having a Cheap Kratom provider is awesome, but finding reliable cheap kratom for sale can be quite a challenge!

Cheap Kratom can be great, even better than its most expensive alternatives. The secret is to find the best vendor. And to do that, we tested over 30 sellers over time and this year we had the pleasant surprise of finding the best online source of cheap kratom there is – New Dawn Kratom ($16 for 250g with NEWDAWNKRATOM20 coupon code).

The words cheap and high-quality rarely find their place in the same sentence, especially when it comes to Kratom Vendors, but New Dawn is an exception for sure!

While looking to buy Kratom online for cheap, we stumbled upon them and immediately ordered our top 3 favorite kratom strains – we ended up paying $48 for 750g of Kratom.

Our experience with NDK’s Cheap Kratom

Delivery from New Dawn took quite a while, we received our tracking number the same day, but it got delivered after 4 days. They shipped via USPS Priority and support told us to expect some delays because USPS is having some internal problems since December. 4 days is not so bad considering this period, but it’s not great either, they could surely improve their shipping.

The real surprise came once we tried their product. The quality of their Kratom is amazing, better than some of the most expensive alternatives out there. Even for a long-term Kratom user such as myself, the kratom was really potent, and I enjoyed every gram of it.

Before rushing to conclusions, we had to make one more order, just to make sure the quality keeps up to the standards. Our second order was 3kg of White Maeng Da Kratom, we got it for $192 – Once again, very cheap for 3kg of Kratom powder.

We wanted express shipping this time so we contacted support, apparently, they were able to offer it for free because our order was above $150 (not to mention that they replied in minutes, which is something unheard of for a Kratom Vendor).

Order arrived in 2 days this time, and the quality was once again up to the highest standards.

Cheap Kratom Powder – Our Honest Recommendation

Considering the good and the bad, New Dawn Kratom seems to be the best provider of cheap Kratom powder online. By Far. They have been also voted as the best Kratom Vendor (source on apnews). The only downside would be the slow delivery, but on the other hand, we have the amazing quality of the product itself and their amazing support.


New Dawn Kratom will be our go-to Kratom provider for 2021. Their product quality, prices, and customer support are top of the line. We strongly hope they will fix their small problems with the shipping soon so we’ll be able to give them a 10/10, but until then…

New Dawn Kratom – 9.5/10