Yuki Tsunoda will drive with F1’s AlphaTauri this year

AlphaTauri team boss Franz Tost expects that Yuki will find it “very tough” when it comes to adapting to life in F1, despite his prodigious talent, which he definitely has.

Tsunoda has been brought in so he would replace Daniil Kvyat and also Pierre Gasly. Having built a huge reputation for himself in Formula 2 because he won 3 races in his rookie campaign last year, he’s definitely a driver with whom any team wants to work with. Also, If you’re willing to explore what’s new and being highly popular nowadays, then you’ll find that those are online casinos. In Japan there are many, however it’s only possible to make a Vera John Casino Withdrawal fast and without any problems at that casino. If you register there, then you’ll know what this means. Fortunately, this casino has all the best features that you can take advantage of.

Dr Helmut Marko, head of driver development program at Red Bull, thinks that Tsunoda could be a potential 2022 team-mate for Max Verstappen in the senior team owned by the huge brand.

While Tsunoda’s driving prowess isn’t believed to be questioned, Tost thinks he will face a challenge when having to deal with everything else that goes within the Formula 1, when everything starts soon.

Tost stated that the first year for a newcomer in Formula 1 will be incredibly tough. For example, coming to Melbourne having jet lag, there will be a new race track plus all-day-long media and marketing meetings. There’s also the technical side of the car will definitely take some time for a driver to get used to during this process.

It’s not as though Tsunoda will have a long time to integrate himself before the competition begins. He did spend a day with AlphaTauri driving a 2018 car at Imola in the Autumn plus the 2020 version during the post-season “young driver test” at Yas Marina.

But pre-season testing for the forthcoming season has been reduced to only 3 days. Tost even said that lack of testing can mean for a young driver that he will need plenty of mental strength, but it’ll also be highly physically challenging during the first races.

Tost made it clear for Tsunoda. He has very high expectations and Tsunoda needs to bring home points, especially when it comes to the circuits that he’s already familiar with (these are the ones that are located in Europe).

Tost said that it’ll surely be difficult in the beginning when he doesn’t know the tracks, but with the 2nd part of the season, which he already knows – Hungary, Silverstone, Barcelona and Austria which is where he has already raced in Formula 2 – he hopes he’ll challenge Pierre and be close to him. Tost’s expectations is that he then makes it to qualifying three and starts collecting points for the team.

When it comes to Tsunoda’s opinion he said that this will be his rookie season, and he’ll be pushing hard right from the start so that he can adapt to the car as much as possible. However, he’s not afraid of making mistakes. He will, obviously, try and limit them but they are unavoidable at the beginning. He’s confident that he can learn from them, though, as he proved last year in Formula 2.

He’s thrilled to have the support of Japanese fans, and he’s proud to be the one to bring another Japanese driver on the grid, after Kamui Kobayashi in 2014. Regarding the pressure he feels, he puts it on himself, so nothing changes in that regarding that for him – he wants to succeed.

When Tsunoda was asked what advice he’d give to his younger self he replied that he’d say to commence pulling of his whole energy into racing much earlier than he actually did, without having any kind of distractions, which would be essential. Until he was 16, he wasn’t that excited about racing. He didn’t like it that much, but he didn’t put as much as effort as he should have done.

However, nowadays he is one of the best drivers in the world and he’s going to race on Formula 1 very soon. So, what he did was to push himself to be one of the greatest and to represent his country, which was definitely not easy. But he did it. And he’s now living the life he wanted so bad. He’s a young man and he can still race for more years, so it’s not a problem that he started late.