Yankees RHP Domingo Germán spoke to teammates regarding domestic violence suspension

Yankees manager Aaron Boone told reporters on Tuesday that Domingo Germán spoke to his teammates regarding his domestic violence suspension.

Boone said Germán talked to the pitchers and catchers in one conversation, and the position players in another.

“It was a good step, something that was important to happen and gave everyone a chance to really start that conversation,” Boone said. “I feel like he has his teammates’ support, and we’ll see how that manifests itself over the coming days and weeks.”

Boone said last week that his “antenna [was] up” after Zack Britton made comments about not being able to control who one’s teammates are, but did not feel like he had to force German to speak with his team.

“It is something I’m looking at and trying to pay attention to as best I can, because obviously, we’re dealing with a serious issue, and we’re dealing with a person’s life and livelihood, Boone said at the time. “We want to be a part of helping that situation and paying attention to what our group and our players are feeling is important. It’s certainly something that. … we are paying close attention to.”