Unemployment over-payments take center stage: Lawmakers call for $115M to be forgiven

Lawmakers want to see the $115 million that was overpaid to those receiving unemployment benefits in New York forgiven.

The USA Today reports that some state senators and non-profit attorneys are calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration to consider waiving some unemployment benefit over-payments that occurred during the coronavirus pandemic.

The unemployment system was greatly unprepared for the pandemic, and not only were there issues with getting payments to unemployed workers and families in a timely fashion- some people were simply paid the incorrect amount.

New York paid $115 million in over-payments in 2020 while states around the country paid $2.9 billion collectively, according to reporting by the USA Today.

“Out of work New Yorkers have suffered enough in this pandemic — they don’t need the state pounding on their door to collect debts they never even knew they had incurred in the first place,” the lawmakers backing the proposal wrote.

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