School leaders frustrated with remote learning, looming standardized tests this spring

What’s next for schools?

With controversy swirling around Gov. Andrew Cuomo- much of the focus that was on reopening K-12 schools has been temporarily forgotten in Albany.

That said, communities in the Finger Lakes and Central New York continue to push for full-resumption of in-person learning.

Auburn Superintendent Jeff Pirozzolo says that the district is ready to resume in-person learning, but that 6-foot restrictions on distancing need to be re-evaluated.

“If we could get that down to three feet, and have kids still wear their face masks and some lessening of the guidelines on buses, we could get our kids back to school four or five days a week just for the last part of the school year,” Pirozzolo told Finger Lakes News Radio.

Another major issue are the standardized tests that remain on-schedule for this spring. There’s been significant concern about whether students will be successful in those tests this year, given that students have been in remote learning environments for so long.

“We’re coming up on a year, but it’s involved two school years of not being in class- the normalcy and gaps,” he explained. “There’s a continued push for these assessments, and I don’t know what the state is trying to assess.”

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