Sheriff Spike: Take it easy on rural roads as farm equipment gets rolling for the spring

Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike is warning about roadside hazards as the seasons change from winter to spring.

Specifically, he’s focusing on special hazards seen on rural roads- like those in Yates. “This is especially the case when slow moving vehicles, like farm machinery and agriculture equipment are using roadways to get to fields for plowing, cultivating, and planting,” he said. “These slow movers bear the bright orange and red reflective triangle that is an indication of traveling less than 25 mph.”

He says motorists need to understand the importance of sharing the road with these slow movers. Sheriff Spike also notes that rear-end collisions are among the most-common.

Around 80% of slow moving vehicle collisions occur in the daylight hours when they are struck from behind. A motorist traveling at 55 mph, approaching a farm tractor traveling 15 mph takes just 7 seconds to travel 400 feet and collide.

“Farm tractors, farm equipment, and animal drawn vehicles- like buggies- as well as bicycles cannot easily maneuver out of the way of traffic or speed up like a motor vehicle can,” Spike continued. “Motorists ned to immediately slow down when encountering a slow moving vehicle triangle.”

Rural driving requires as much focus as urban travel, Spike says, who that slowing down is crucial to keeping the community safe.

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