29 best sites to buy TikTok followers (legit & active)

TikTok happens to be a really popular social media platform in the present times. This is a video-sharing platform that is being used extensively by people all around the world. The platform has its critics but in the end, it is the only place that gives maximum entertainment to its users. You simply cannot deny its presence on the internet. If you also want to gain some traffic on TikTok you could buy TikTok followers as well. There are various places today that claim to be offering services in this area. 

However, not all of them can be trusted, and not all of them are legit. That is why in this list we have mentioned some of the best sites to buy TikTok followers. Let’s have a look at them one by one to get an idea of the services they provide-

Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers


The name of this site reflects the kind of work that they do. They are full of excellent experts who know all the ways in which social media promotion works. Therefore for people who want to gain TikTok followers, there could be no better place. They have proven with years of their service exactly how efficient they are.

They are a very trustworthy site- and they have been working continuously to give people the most legit followers. You can see what they are all about from their homepage which is well laid out and clearly easy to navigate. The various reviews of them that you are able to find online will also greatly help you understand how popular they are.

Their services are commendable. Moreover, everything they provide is at nominal prices so almost anyone can afford their services. They also have more features as compared to the rest of their rivals which gives them an edge over the rest of the population.  You should check them out today to find out how good they are.


This is a complete package of all the things that you need in terms of TikTok promotion. If you want something that is unique and credible then there could be no better site to depend on. People today want to gain a massive amount of popularity in little to no time, and this is precisely what this company provides.

They are known for their excellent followers in a time period of a few days and sometimes even hours. Their website is also one of the best on the list. It is easy to understand and explore. Moreover, there are various guides present around the site which makes the experience even better. Their colors are attractive and their renown is well earned.

They have various plans on TikTok and the services they offer are some of the best in the industry. The followers you get through this company are legit and not spam bots. Therefore, you will be given real-time engagement by the people in little to no time.


This site might be the best place for you to get the followers on TikTok that you have always wanted. If it is internet fame that you want to gain then this site shall be able to deliver it to you. They have been able to help a large number of people gain a massive following on TikTok.

If you want you can have a look at the numerous reviews left for them on the internet. You will find most of them are very positive and full of praise. The presentation on their site is also very excellent and they offer excellent customer support which further improves the user experience of people around the world.

All the followers that you will get from this site are absolutely real. They understand that using fake methods and fake followers will eventually lead to numerous troubles for you on TikTok. Therefore, they are careful to give only the best out to their clients. They make sure that you do not violate any rules that might get you banned.


This is a site that has some excellent expertise when it comes to providing followers on TikTok. The people here also work with various other social media platforms so they know how people around the world work and what their mentality is. They have a strong understanding of people using TikTok and they engage with them in the best way possible.

Their whole ethic of working is a focus on quality followers. Whatever they supply is hundred percent legit and comes with little to no faults. Every follower that you will get on this site will increase the interaction you have on TikTok and make your account stand out.

They understand that there is a lot of competition in the TikTok community. Therefore, they employ tactics that are unique and never seen before. Therefore, you will always have an edge over the rest of your competition. Moreover, they are able to deliver what they have promised in a matter of few days.


This is one of the most popular sites when it comes to social media promotion. They also come with years of experience. When it comes to TikTok they have done a massive amount of research to understand how their algorithm works. Therefore, they are markedly better than many of their rivals.

They have a staff which is extremely talented and skilled- therefore, they only put such efforts that will never go to waste. For people who are looking to gain the only most legit followers on TikTok, this is the best site to go to. All their orders are fulfilled in a very small time frame of 2-3 days, sometimes even less.

They are known for the great quality of followers that they provide. Almost all of them are highly legit and give authentic engagement. Other sites usually fill your account with spam bots that can get your account banned. However, with this site you can leave such worries behind since they are some of the best in the market.


This is a very big and popular name among all the other sites that are mentioned on this list. They have some excellent social media metrics that are only improving over time. Famups have been in the market for a long time and the credibility they have gained from people abroad is absolutely noteworthy.

They have been working with thousands of projects all of which have been utterly successful. Moreover, they are very timely with everything they do. Sometimes the followers they promise can be seen within a matter of few hours. Therefore, they are the best  to go to for people who want immediate results.

Moreover, they will never ask you to give us sensitive personal information. All they want to know is the name of your account and from there on they shall take care of matters on their own. People around the world have used their services and loved them for the efficiency and proficiency that they provide.


This is a site that focuses entirely on giving you the real-time engagement that lasts for a long time. There are a number of sites that are able to provide engagement in the beginning. However, as time goes by this engagement will fade out and people will come to know that there is nothing interesting in your account anymore.

Therefore if you want to gain credibility which lasts for years, then this is the site that you should be using. Their motive is to help people realize and experience the world of social media fame. Therefore they take all possible steps to improve user experience and help your clients connect to you in every way possible.

You won’t have to wait for a long time before you start seeing results on this website. Soon your TikTok account will be flooded with a large number of followers who will show genuine interest in the content that you are creating. If this is something you want then you should check them out today.


As you can guess by the name this site is all about giving you the most important part of social media fame. Therefore, they do everything they can to digitally engage with your followers and potential audience. Therefore, in little to no time you are able to gain excellent credibility that helps you grow.

This site is one of the best when it comes to buying social media engagement. They have worked with a number of clients and all of them have been very much satisfied with their services. If you want you can get in touch with one of their former clients to know exactly how well worth their services are.

We are sure you will not be disappointed with the kind of engagement this site is able to give you. You will also get a lifetime guarantee on all the followers you get on TikTok. This means that they will stick with you as long as you have your account on TikTok. If you get a new account, you will have to start from scratch.


This site has been created especially for people who want a royal standing on TikTok. Therefore, everything they do is centered towards a better experience on TikTok. They also work with some other social media sites so they know the algorithm of the entire social media world.

The people here are very sure about what they are doing. They have also received years of training in digital marketing, therefore, when they work they only give out the best. The deliveries they give are instant and every single follower they provide is always ready to offer constant engagement for a long time.

In the time they have been running they have been able to garner a lot of support from the people because of the quality of service that they provide. They have been able to create a strong place for themselves in the industry in a little amount of time. Therefore, you can always rely on them.


One of the most prominent features of this website is the delivery time. Although most of the sites on this list give you timely delivery- these people are even better at providing the things that they have promised. Their services are absolutely credible and there is nothing that you can’t trust about them.

A very important feature of their service is customer support. They have customer support that is available to you 24/7. Hence, if you are looking for people who are able to respond to and solve all your problems in little time then this is the site you should rely on.

They are dedicated entirely to promotions on TikTok. They will increase the chances of you getting famous in little to no time. Their services are exemplary and they are providing tough competition to all their followers.  If you want a site that will be able to deliver to you some high quality followers then you can rely on this site at all times.

Mr. Insta

This site is one of the most used and most recommended sites in all of the internet. Every effort they put into your account will make it grow in followers. Therefore, your standing on social media will be increased in little to no time.  Moreover, the followers they provide will come from real accounts giving real engagement.

This site has a great filtering process- therefore they are able to remove all the spambots which might fill your account. The deliveries they create start almost instantly. Therefore, it is not a long wait before you start seeing changes in the TikTok account that you have created. If there is an order that gets late- then they offer compensation as well.

Many people on the internet are worried that they will get spammed buying services that seem shady. However, this site is absolutely legit. They only want to help you grow. They have your best interest in mind and every effort they put in will help you soar high on the ladder of social media fame.

Buy Social Media Marketing

This site is one that promises to give you the highest quality premium followers. They also have the promise of instant deliveries. Therefore, there is no reason for you to go by the ranking of this site. They are with you throughout your journey on TikTok and in little to no time they are able to increase your following and standing on TikTok.

Buy Social Media Marketing also comes with excellent customer support. They are ready to solve your problems at all times. However, they do lack a live chat box which could have been a great addition to their website. In all other respects their website is highly proficient. They have a great user interface and excellent schemes which make navigation fairly easy.

Another thing we quite love about this website is how transparent they are. None of the steps of their process are shady and everything is crystal clear from the beginning. If you are looking for a site that is a hundred percent honest- then you must check them out.


This is another social media platform that has been working with tiktok since the day that it came out. Even when tiktok was banned for a while this site continued to offer its services. They offer worldwide services and do not stay limited to a particular demographic. Therefore, if you want a global audience then this is the site to go to.

They have a team of experts that has been trained especially in the field of social media marketing. There are not a lot of places that provide courses in tiktok. Therefore, this site makes it a point to hire only the experts who have had prior experience through other companies and work platforms.

People will love to engage with your channel once you make use of this website. They will show genuine interest in the content that you create so that you are able to get a hundred percent real engagement that improves every time you create new posts.


As the name suggests this site is all about getting you social on TikTok. There are many accounts on tiktok because of which the entire place remains flooded at all times. Therefore, it gets difficult to get your account noticed with such a vast following on the web.

This site makes it a point to understand the algorithm of social media, and then helps you create content that takes you a step ahead. If you are facing a lot of competition in the industry, then this site can make things fairly easy for you.  They will be able to help the audience relate to your content and make your account score higher in tiktok popularity.

This is a site which has kept itself informed of both offline and online marketing. Therefore, they also tale the real time mindset of the audience into consideration. Moreover, the prices they charge are minimal and will be able to fit almost any budget in the market.  They are also able to give you active views which are not offered by other websites.


This site is known for its versatile services and plans that are not offered anywhere else. They have been known for giving some excellent budget plans which are suitable for people with any kind of financial restraint. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about having to spend too much.

The views and followers they give are of excellent quality. However, there is one perk- if you buy followers you will have to buy views and likes separately. If you are ready to do this, then we are sure you will soon be at the top of your TikTok game.

They have mastered social media marketing through years of experience. They shall be giving you the kind of engagement you seek without filling your account with fake bots. This is probably the best part about this website which is markedly different from its rivals. Be sure you check them out today.

Social Fried

This website’s name represents the kind of work they do. They have a wealth of outstanding professionals who are well-versed in all aspects of social media promotion. There may not be a better place for people who want to win tiktok followers. They have shown their efficiency over many years of work.

They are a very reliable platform, and they have been working hard to provide people with the most genuine fans. From their well-designed and obviously easy-to-navigate homepage, you will get a sense of what they’re all about. The numerous reviews you will find online can also significantly assist you in deciding how famous they are.

Their assistance is commendable. Furthermore, everything they do is at a low cost, making their services accessible to almost everyone. They still offer more features than the majority of their competitors, giving them an advantage over the general public. You should go see them right now and see how successful they are.

TikTok Guru

This is a comprehensive kit that includes all you’ll need to promote TikTok. There is no easier place to focus on if you are searching for something special and trustworthy. People nowadays tend to achieve a lot of attention in a short period of time, and this is just what this business does. They also have excellent testimonials on the web.

They are known for gaining a large number of followers in a matter of days, if not hours. In addition, their website is one of the best on the list. It is easy to comprehend and explore. Furthermore, there are numerous guides located within the web, which improves the overall experience. Their colours are appealing, and their reputation is well-deserved.

On TikTok, they provide a variety of plans, and the facilities they provide are among the best in the industry. This organization provides you with genuine fans, not scam bots. As a result, you will get real-time engagement from the people in a short period of time.

TikTok Love

This website may be the perfect place for you to get the TikTok followers you’ve always wanted. If you want to win internet glory, this platform will be able to help you do it. They’ve been effective in assisting a huge number of people in gaining a large following on TikTok.

You should look at the various recommendations left for them on the internet if you like. You’ll notice that the majority of them are very upbeat and full of praise. Their website’s presentation is also very nice, and they have outstanding customer service, which enhances the user experience of individuals all over the globe.

Both of the supporters you’ll receive from this platform are 100% genuine. They realize that using phony approaches and phony supporters would lead to a slew of problems on TikTok. As a result, they take great care to provide only the latest to their customers. They ensure that you should not break any laws that might result in you being disqualified.

TikTok Fame

This is a place with a lot of experience in having TikTok followers. People here already deal on a variety of other social media sites, so they are familiar with how people around the world work and think. They have a thorough knowledge of tiktok users and communicate with them in the most effective manner possible.

Their whole work ethic is based on attracting high-quality fans. Whatever they have is 100 percent genuine and has little or no flaws. Any new follower you gain on this platform will improve your TikTok engagement and make your account be a class apart.

They are aware that the TikTok group is very competitive. As a result, they use strategies that are innovative that have never been used before. As a consequence, you’ll still be one step ahead of the game. Furthermore, they are capable of delivering what they have promised within a few days.

Followers Up

When it comes to social media marketing, this is one of the most popular platforms. They’ve already had a lot of experience. When it comes to tiktok, they’ve put in a lot of effort to figure out how their algorithm operates. As a result, they outperform all of their competitors.

They have a team that is incredibly creative and professional, but they just bring in efforts that would be fruitful. This is the best place to visit if you want to win the only most legitimate TikTok fans. All of their orders are completed in as little as 2-3 days, often even less.

They’re well-known for the high-quality followers they have. Almost all of them are completely legitimate and have genuine involvement. Other sites will typically load your account with spam bots, which will result in your account being banned. However, since this place is among the finest on the market, you should put your concerns aside.


Among the other pages on this page, this is a very well-known and well-known name. They have some great social media metrics that are just getting better over time. They’ve been around for a long time, and the confidence they’ve earned from people all over the world is impressive.

They’ve worked on thousands of campaigns, many of which have been a complete success. Furthermore, they are very punctual in everything they do. The followers they pledge can often be seen in a matter of hours. As a result, they are the perfect choice for people looking for quick outcomes.

Furthermore, they would never seek confidential personal details from you. They just need the name of your account, after which they can do anything on their own. People all over the world have used their services and praised them for their reliability and competence.


This is a platform that focuses solely on providing you with long-term real-time interaction. There are a host of websites that can help you get started with interaction. However, as time passes, this commitment will go away, and people will notice that your account is no longer important.

As a consequence, if you want to build a reputation that lasts for years, this is the place to use. Their goal is to assist people in understanding and experiencing the world of social media celebrity. As a result, they take every action possible to enhance the customer experience and assist the customers in connecting with you in every manner possible.

You won’t have to wait long to see results from this website. Your TikTok account will soon be inundated with a vast number of followers who are genuinely interested in the content you’re making. If this is something you’re interested in, you can contact them right away.


As the name implies, this blog is dedicated to providing you with the most significant aspect of social media glory. They do whatever they can to engage your fans and future audience on social media. As a result, you will develop an excellent reputation in a short period of time, which will help you rise.

When it comes to buying social media interaction, this place is one of the best. They’ve collaborated with a variety of customers, all of whom have been very pleased with their work. You should contact one of their previous customers if you want to learn more about how valuable their programs are.

We are confident that the level of interaction provided by this platform would not fail you. You’ll even get a lifetime warranty on all of your TikTok fans. This means they’ll be with you for as long as you have a TikTok account. You’ll have to start again if you create a new account.


This website was created exclusively for those who want to have a royal status on TikTok. As a result, all they do is geared toward making TikTok a better experience. They also work on various social networking platforms, so they are familiar with the whole social media world’s algorithm.

The people who live here are adamant about what they’re doing. They’ve already had years of experience in digital marketing, but they only hand out the best while they practice. They make immediate deliveries, and every single follower they have is still willing to engage in a long-term relationship.

Because of the high level of service they offer, they have been able to gain a lot of support during their time of operation. In a short period of time, they have managed to carve out a solid position in the market. As a result, you can still rely on them.


The arrival time is one of the most popular aspects of this website. While the majority of the pages on this list have prompt fulfillment, these individuals are much better at delivering what they have promised. Their programs are completely reliable, and there is nothing about them that you should be concerned about.

Customer care is a vital aspect of their service. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, if you’re searching for people who can answer to and fix all of your issues in a short amount of time, this is the place to go to.

They will improve the odds of becoming famous in a short period of time. Their offerings are exceptional, and they are giving all of their supporters a run for their money. If you’re looking for a forum that can provide you with high-quality followers, you can count on this site at all times.

TikTok Following

This is one of the most popular and well-recommended websites on the internet. Any move they make to promote your account would result in an increase in followers. As a result, the social media presence will grow in a short amount of time. Furthermore, the supporters they have would be from authentic accounts, resulting in genuine interaction.

This site has a fantastic filtering system, so they’ll be able to get rid of any spam bots who may want to fill your account. The deliveries they make begin almost immediately. As a result, you won’t have to wait long to see improvements in your newly developed tiktok account.

Many internet users are concerned that they would be spammed if they purchase shady utilities. This website, on the other hand, is completely legitimate. They just want to assist you in your growth. They have your best interests at heart, and any step they make will help you up the social media popularity ladder.


This website promises to provide you with premium followers of the highest caliber. They also make the promise of same-day delivery. As a result, there is no need for you to base your decision on this website’s ranking. They are with you on your TikTok trip, and in a short period of time, they are able to raise your TikTok following and standing.

UseViral even come with great customer service. They are still here to help you with your issues. They do, however, neglect a live chat box, which would have been a fantastic addition to their homepage. Their website is extremely competent in any other way. They have a fantastic user interface and outstanding color schemes that make navigation relatively simple.

Another feature we like about this website is its transparency. Nothing in their operation is shady, and all is crystal clear from the start. If you’re looking for a totally trustworthy website, you can look them up.


This is yet another social media site that has been collaborating with tiktok since its inception. They have serviced all over the world. As a result, if you want to reach a worldwide audience, this is the place to go.

They have a team of professionals who have received advanced training in the field of social media marketing. There aren’t many places where you can learn tiktok. As a result, this website makes it a point to employ only professionals who have previously worked for other organizations or networks.

When you use this website, people may want to connect with your platform. They would take a sincere interest in the material you make, resulting in 100 percent genuine interaction that grows with each new post you publish.


This blog is all about making you social on TikTok, as the name implies. As a result, with such a large online audience, getting your account recognized becomes complicated.

This website makes it a point to consider social media’s algorithm and then assists you in creating content that puts you ahead of the game. If you’re up against a lot of competition in your business, this place will help you get ahead. They’ll be able to help your audience connect with your content and boost your account’s tiktok visibility.

This is a blog that has kept up with both offline and web marketing trends. As a result, they also take the audience’s current mindset into account. Furthermore, the costs they charge are very low, and they would be able to meet nearly any budget. They will also provide you with active views that are not available on other websites.

Is it Safe to Buy TikTok Followers?

The simple answer is yes! There is no reason why you should not be able to purchase TikTok followers in a safe manner. The internet is expanding and sites around the world have figured out how to increase the followers on TikTok in a safe manner.

This means that the followers you gain are increased over time and no one is able to tell if you have bought these services. Altogether, this is a very safe procedure and we don’t see why you should not make use of such services.

Pros of Buying TikTok Followers

TikTok is very popular. On your own, it will be nearly impossible for you to gain the kind of traffic you need for online fame. Therefore once you buy TikTok followers- things will get fairly easy for you.

People will understand that you have a very wide following on TikTok which will help you become even more popular. Therefore, along with synthetic followers, you will also be able to gain followers in a more organic fashion.

How to Get More Followers on TikTok?

Here are some ways in which you can get more followers on TiKTok-

  • Understand The Target Audience

One of the most important steps in buying tiktok followers is finding the right target audience. Everybody on the web is not going to like your content. So you have to understand what kind of demographic will like the content you have created. After this you need to create content especially for them.

  • Stay Aware of TikTok Trends

There is always something new that is going on in TikTok. There are many influencers and celebrities who are starting new trends that get viral all over the web. People usually love to watch content based on these trends.

Therefore, it is important that you stay aware of such phenomena and create content on their basis.

  • Make a Time Table

It is not a wise decision to post content at any random time of the day. You need to understand that there are specific times in the day when people interact with your content more.

You need to create a timetable that lets you post things at the right time when a maximum number of people are present online.


In recent years, TikTok has been a very successful social media site. This is a video-sharing website that is widely used by people all over the world. The website has its detractors, but in the end, it is the only location where people can get the most entertainment. The existence of the internet is unavoidable.

You can also buy TikTok followers if you want to increase your TikTok traffic. Today, there are a variety of places that claim to provide services in this field. However, not every one of them can be believed, and not every one of them is genuine. That is why we have included some of the best places to buy tiktok followers in this article.