15 best sites to buy YouTube subscribers (legit & active)

If you use the internet then you probably know of YouTube. It is one of the biggest social media platforms with millions of active users. Initially, it was just a platform to share videos globally but now many people use this as a mean to earn their living. This is why the platform has become so competitive. Every day hundreds of hours of content are uploaded on the platform. This can make it tough for people to grow their channels. If you feel that artificially boosting the subscriber count can help in promoting your channel and content better then you can use this list of best sites to buy YouTube subscribers.  

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers


The next website on this list is another one that you can guess the services of from the name. ViewsExpert is a company whose name may suggest that it is an expert in getting its customers a lot of views. Well, that’s just the half-truth as the company has services that are centred around boosting other stats as well. Like most of the service providers which sell stats boosting services, ViewsExpert supports multiple popular social media platforms. It has many services for different platforms as well as various packages for those services. There are expensive packages as well but they provide a massive stat boost.

You can get a boost in your Twitter follower count, Instagram follower count or get a lot of likes and pins for your Pinterest posts or likes and comments for your Instagram posts etc. Basically, if you want to artificially increase your stats you can do it. If you are interested in these services visit viewsexpert.com. The company believes that purchasing these services will help you get online credibility as your stats will increase. Once you have selected one of the services from the website and paid for it the company starts working to get you the stat you requested.

It wants to deliver the services on time and promises top quality services. If you want to get in touch with the support team you can either mail them using support@viewsexpert.com or use the contact form on the website. There are many different options for YouTube subscribers on viewsexpert.com. The price ranges from $9.50 to $377 for 100 to 5k subscribers respectively. The company claims these subscribers to be active and of high quality. It takes 1 to 2 days at max to deliver the order. No password is needed. 


Getviral is a website that, as its name suggests, helps its clients get viral. It is a service provider which has services to increase stats on posts and profiles. Now, this is one of the many social media service providers that cater to users from a bunch of different social media platforms. So, if a person wants to artificially increase the stats in multiple platforms they can use the services provided by this company to do it. Also, since for each of the social media platforms, the company provides multiple services and within each of those services, there are multiple packages. This helps brands and businesses can choose the ones that align with their budgetary constraints and social media goals. The rates for these packages start low and gradually increase.

So, if a business or an individual is just starting out and just want to see if the service is going to fit well with their strategy they can start with a cheaper package. The company claims to provide high-quality services that will bring desired results for its clients. Even the cheaper packages have the same quality as the expensive ones. The company is very particular about maintaining the privacy of its clients. No one will know that you have purchased the stats from this website. The company promises to provide 24/7 customer support so you can reach out to them for clarifications.

YouTube is a popular platform. If you are planning to purchase YouTube subscribers then you will find the service on this website. The price starts at $11.99 for 100 subscribers. These will come from all over the world and the company guarantees refills in case of any drops. You can buy a max of 5000 subscribers at a time and the cost is $449.99.


The next site is socialpackages.net. It is a website that hasn’t been around for that long but still has a bunch of services that people who are looking for an artificial increase in the number of likes, views, subscribers, followers etc. can use. They support major social media platforms that most brands and businesses are using to promote their products and services. You can purchase stats from SocialPackages and boost your online credibility on these platforms. The platforms for which users can expect to see services for, on this website are Instagram, Spotify, YouTube and Facebook. So, basically 4 of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

Now, if you are looking to have a boost in online presence on these platforms then you can check out the services in detail and see if they are worth it or not. The company claims that these services are meant to support clients in reaching their real potential on these social media platforms. The company does not want a slow service for its clients. It does not want its clients to wait which is why the company tries to deliver the services in less time. The delivery starts within a few hours and in many cases, it just takes a few minutes. The larger the order the more time it will take to complete. SocialPackages claims to provide top-quality services and the best results.

The packages that it sells are quite cheap so you can just try out a small amount and see if it works well with your strategy. The site has multiple services for YouTube. You can buy likes, views, subscribers etc. The price for subscribers on socialpackages.net ranges between $6 and $379. The packages at these extreme ends will provide 50 and 5k subscribers respectively.


Another website that you can look into if you are in the market looking for service providers that provide services to buy YouTube subscribers is Viralyft. It is the next on this list of best sites to buy YouTube subscribers. Similar to what we have seen with the other websites Viralyft has services for various social media platforms which are popular today. So, customers who want to boost their presence online on these platforms can use the services that are provided on the website viralyft.com. Here, you can expect to get stat-boosting services for TikTok, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube and Twitter.

So, if you want more likes, followers, views, comments, subscribers etc. for your videos, posts, channels, profiles etc. on these then go check out the website. The site is confident about its services and explicitly mentions the benefits that clients will get while working with them. The company promises that your order will be executed and delivered on time. It also claims that all the services are of top quality. The company also promises that there will be no problem with your account and it will be completely safe to use the services that it provides.

It isn’t too complicated to order any service from the website. You have to find the platform that you want and then choose the appropriate service. The site will then present you with multiple packages. You have to decide which one to choose based on the amount you need and the rate. Now, just select a payment method and pay for your order. The cheapest package for YouTube subscribers costs $10.99. You get 100 subscribers at that price. The maximum number of subscribers that you can get from a package is 5k for $449.99.


Fastlikes.io is the next website on this list. This website has been providing social media services for a few years and caters to users from many of the popular platforms that people use today. If you want to get likes, views, comments, subscribers fast then you can check out the services that Fastlikes provides to all its customers. The company supports 6 major social media platforms. These are Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, Spotify and Twitter.

So, if you want more followers, likes, views for your Instagram profile and posts or you want more Twitter followers or you want to boost your plays and followers on Spotify or you want more subscribers on YouTube, there are appropriate services for all these. If you want to purchase a big package and split the stats among multiple posts or videos then you can contact the company via email support@fastlikes.io.

The company supports lots of secure payment methods including PayPal. People looking to purchase YouTube services, especially YouTube subscribers can find relevant packages on the website. The price is a bit high than a couple of other websites on the list but not as much as Woorke or Ytpals. For $12.99 you get 100 subscribers. That’s the base package. There are 3 more packages with the costliest one priced at $71.99 for 1000 YouTube subscribers.


Famups is the next company on this list. It is quite popular as it appears on many lists about social media service providers which sell likes, views, followers and other stat-boosting services. The company has been around for a while and has worked with thousands of clients and have delivered a lot of orders. If you are looking for one of the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers then you can contact the support team of this company and talk to them. They will help you with your queries and doubts. The company has been in the social media marketing industry for some years and has been helping clients by boosting the social connections played through various popular social media platforms by them.

Now, people want to drive traffic to their social media profiles and get more engagement on their posts. Famups claims to help with that. They have been using various advanced methodologies and stuff like digital round maps to manage the social media marketing of the customers and help direct traffic to their accounts. The company wants to help its clients by working towards converting the audience that they have on social media into long-term customers.

It sells services for Spotify, Twitter, SoundCloud, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Famups promises timely delivery of the stats and high-quality and reliable services. It takes the responsibility for the privacy and security of clients very seriously. The company does provide services to buy YouTube subscribers. The rate begins at $14 for 100 subscribers and you can buy up to 10k subscribers from a single package. That package costs $590. So, if you want to boost the subscriber count of your channel you can take a look at it.


Now the next site on this list does not support a bunch of different social media platforms like many of the others that we have seen on this list. But it focuses on three of the most popular social media platforms in the world namely Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Well, that’s good enough for our purpose since we are looking for websites that can provide us services to improve online credibility on YouTube. The company is newer than a lot of social media companies that have been around for a decade. One of the things that Famoid does is that it provides essential software that the industry needs.

The other thing that it is used for by people is the social media services that it provides for increasing the stats artificially of their posts, videos, profiles or channels. The company claims to care about its clients and wants to build a sort of relationship with them that is based on trust. You may find the name of the website, Famoid, a bit different than the many of the other websites that generally just put together two quite known words. Famoid is made up of two words like the others. In this case, the words are Famous and oid. Oid is short for object identifier.

So, together the name means that Famoid is basically an object that will make you famous. Basically, the site is referring to the services it provides which will help you get famous. If you are looking to get some fame on YouTube by buying subscribers then you can check out the package that the site sells. The price starts at $34.95 for 100 subscribers. The maximum number of subs that you can buy from a single package is 1000 for $149.95. 


Alright, so the next website on this list of best sites to buy YouTube subscribers is StormViews. Now, this is a company that is different from many of the others on this list. This is because it does not provide services for many social media platforms rather it only focuses on one, YouTube. So, anyone looking for a service provider that provides services exclusively for YouTube or a brand that primarily uses YouTube for promotion can head on to stormviews.net and see the complete details about the services that the company provides.

You can also contact the support team if you have any doubts or queries about your order or any service. The company claims to provide completely genuine and real likes, views and subscribers for your YouTube videos and YouTube channel. It provides a guarantee when it comes to the quality of its services promising everything to be real. It claims to be one of the most trustworthy companies to work with if you want to purchase services to artificially boost your stats on YouTube.

The company also mentions that this method of boosting your subscriber count to gain social proof to promote your channel is perfectly safe and will not put your account at risk. This is because the company promises not to violate the terms of services of YouTube which says buying promotional services is legal as long as they are not spam or bot accounts. Since StormViews claims to only provide genuine stats your account is safe. The company provides 59 YouTube subscribers for $4.95. You get guaranteed instant delivery and these will be real subscribers. There are other packages on this site that you can check out. 


QQtube is another social media service provider that caters to users looking for YouTube promotional services. The company provides services for many video streaming and sharing platforms for example YouTube, TikTok, Twitch and Vimeo. It also has a couple of services for the audio streaming platform SoundCloud. The company generally promotes itself as a service provider that has high-quality services for YouTube at very cheap rates. QQtube has been in the social media marketing industry for some time and has seen multiple changes to social media platforms.

The company has kept itself updated with these changes to better provide services for its customers. There are different packages for purchasing YouTube subscribers on Qqtube. One package costs $23 for every 1k subs that you purchase. The delivery rate is 20 to 50 subs daily. Another package costs $29 but provides 100 to 200 subs daily.


Buying stats can boost online credibility which can help with your social media marketing strategy. But to be able to successfully do that working with a company that understands the industry can be beneficial. One of the companies which have been in the field of social media marketing for quite a long time is Venium. The company started long back in 2001 and has been helping businesses and brands with marketing and promotion. Over the years the company has worked with thousands of clients and has gained a lot of experience and expertise. The team that works at the company has over 55 employees who are ready to work towards giving you the results that you are looking for.

Venium claims to have worked with more than 265k customers which is a lot. It has delivered thousands of orders and has satisfied thousands of customers. The company wants to follow a straightforward approach to help with social media marketing. The company believes that simple ways can be efficient and effective in helping clients with online promotion on social media platforms. Venium is a company that claims to genuinely care about its client’s success and wants its services to help the customers achieve their social media goals via online promotion.

Venium has curated various social media services that can help clients gain online credibility and social proof to promote their profiles, channels, posts, tracks etc. The services that Venium provides are for major platforms which include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify. The company claims to be the best when it comes to YouTube services like buying YouTube views. These can be country-targeted and Google verified accounts. These are YouTube and AdSense safe as well. 


The next website on the list is Ytpals. The company is all about helping businesses, brands and individuals. If you want more stats on your personal profile and the posts that you have uploaded or if you want more followers or subscribers for your business profile and want more engagement on the content that you have posted to promote your products and services then you will find relevant services on ytpals.com that can be of help. The company has services for many platforms that are popular all over the world but as you can guess from its name the company focuses primarily on providing good-quality services for YouTube.

You can buy YouTube video views, YouTube SEO, YouTube likes, YouTube subscribers etc. So, you can increase the credibility of your channel on the platform and thus, promote it more easily to get new subscribers and viewers. But if you want you can check out services for other social media platforms as well like Pinterest, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitter and TikTok. Ytpals has services to provide free YouTube subscribers. You can start using this plan to gain more subscribers. But you have to subscribe to 20 channels and like 20 videos to get 10 subs.

In the paid plans the cheapest one is $20 per month and you get 15 subscribers daily without having to like or subscribe to any video or channel. You can also directly buy subscribers. The cheapest package costs $20 for 50 subscribers. This is very much expensive than other services on the list. So, if you have the budget and you want real and genuine subscribers or views you can check out these services.


Up next, is a company called YTMonster. This is one of the few websites in this list that has services only for users looking to grow on YouTube. So, if you are looking for a service provider like that you can visit the website and check out its services. The site is a bit different from the others that we have seen so far.

If you want you can use this website to gain free subscribers. It works as a sort of exchange service so if you want subscribers for your YouTube channel then you will have to subscribe to other channels or like other videos. But of course, if you do not want to do that there are paid plans as well which can help you gain 1000 subscribers for $14. 


Digital marketing does not only include social media services. If you want to grow online you have to use different platforms and methods to do so. You may need an online website or you may want to drive traffic to your website etc. Appsally is a company that provides a variety of services to help clients with complete digital marketing. This is a marketplace that has been crusted by the company to help customers attain online growth.

The company provides services for SEO, management of reputation online and Influencer marketing. For growth on social media platforms, the company has chosen some of the best marketers in the market that some of the top hyper-growth companies are using. So, if you start working with Appsally you will get access to them. The main mission of the company is to help clients stand out from the crowd while making sure it does not break their bank or put their accounts at any risk. If after purchasing the stats there is a drop the company guarantees to provide free unlimited refill for 15 days.

If you want to purchase YouTube services then Appsally has many packages and combos that you can use. For people looking to buy only YouTube subscribers, the price starts at $18 for 67 subscribers. You can buy a max of 540 subscribers and it will cost $121.50. You can also target these subscribers based on location for example Europe, Asia, the USA, Canada and the UK but it will cost much more. 


The next website is another service provider that does not limits itself to provide services only for social media platforms but rather it has services to help with full-digital marketing. Woorke says that it has all the services you need to start your online campaign and grow your business online or get more traffic to your website. Woorke deals with services that can help customers with SEO, development and social media marketing. It also sells email accounts that many companies may want.

Woorke has already sold more than a million email accounts. Some of the social media platforms that Woorke supports are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitch, Spotify SoundCloud, Pinterest etc. The company basically has services for almost all the major social media platforms that people are using all over the world. It provides a bunch of different services and each of the services generally has 3 packages. One of the packages is for normal stat purchase at a normal speed with accounts from all over the world. The other two packages include one that is for more specific targeting and one that has a slower delivery speed to mimic organic growth.

If you are looking for YouTube services Woorke has a lot of them. For people looking for the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers, the cheapest package costs $21.99 for every 50 subscribers. The company claims these are real and active and will help grow your YouTube channel. Woorke also provides 24/7 customer service so you can always reach out to them for clarifications and answers to your queries. 

YouTube Market

This is the last website on this list. It has services exclusively for YouTube. It sells subscribers, views, likes, watch time, and live stream views. You can also purchase comments, shares, favourites, and comment likes.

The price of 100 YouTube subscribers on youtubemarket.net is $4.99. It is one of the cheapest options on the list. The price for a thousand subscribers is $44.99.

YouTube Subscribers Guide

How to get Subscribers on Youtube?

  • Create valuable and engaging content

The most important part of your YouTube channel’s success depends on the quality of the content, If your content is entertaining, then half of the work related to growing your Youtube subscribers and gaining reputation is already done. So no matter what niche you are in, your content must provide something valuable to your viewers, only then they will want to Subscribe to your YouTube channel and hear from you again. So make sure you put effort while creating content, do your research, keep track of trends, and keep your script ready (if you are just starting). 

You might find various methods to get more viewers out there, but you won’t find many ways to convert those viewers into subscribers in order to gain more YouTube Subscribers since it depends entirely on how informative and engaging your content is. 

  • Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is the second-best option through which you can get more YouTube Subscribers. It will help you get viewers in plenty and those viewers can be easily turned into Subscribers (if your content is top-notch). The best thing about Keyword optimization is that you don’t even necessarily have to invest in some fancy/ expensive software. 

You can optimize your keywords by simply using the YouTube search suggest feature and Google (it might be time-consuming). The best way to optimize keywords for your video is to use popular keywords with less competitive keywords.

Start with making a list of keywords related to your niche then search those keywords on YouTube, it will give you a bunch of keywords that are actually being searched by people and you can use those same keywords in your title, description, or video tags. For less competitive keywords you can search keywords on Google and see which has the least amount of searches. 

If you are a busy person and want to be efficient, you can pick from any to numerous Keyword optimization tools out there. 

  • Engage with your audience

Building a strong base of YouTube Subscribers requires engagement since it helps your audience in connecting with you or your content and your brand. Additionally, engaging with your audience will also help you in generating new ideas (by asking them), as at the end of the day you are making content for them. To encourage your viewers to comment, ask questions towards the end of your video or comment asking which part they liked. 

Another great way to gain engagement is by sharing a small glimpse of what you are working on, try to make them a part of your journey since your YouTube Subscribers will be the ones to get you there. Also! Try to reply to their comments as much as you can cuz it builds a strong bond between you and your YouTube Subscribers. 

You can also try live streaming as it’s another great way to interact with your audiences and gain even more YouTube Subscribers.  

  • Cross-promote your video on different platforms

There are various platforms that will let you reach out to people outside YouTube, make sure to leverage such platforms. You can use other social media accounts, blogs, or email marketing. If you have established a community on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other site, you can just simply drop your video to encourage your fans to check out your content. 

Optimize your video according to the platform you are cross-promoting on, you can also include your YouTube link in different forums when it seems relevant and natural. If you have a blog, posting your video there will not help you in increasing your video and page views. 

  • Stay Consistent

Staying consistent is the key to getting new YouTube subscribers and retaining old YouTube subscribers, which might be hard to do but it’s a must. As it does not just help you in increasing your subscribers but it will also help you improve your ranking, if you’ll keep on posting content consistently YouTube algorithm will detect and push your videos upwards. 

It can give you an advantage over all your competitors. You can set a fixed schedule so that your audience will stay interested and notified. Try uploading one or two videos per week, and to make the most out of it, find the best time and day to post a video for your channel. 

  • Run a contest or giveaway

Running a contest or hosting a giveaway is a great way to promote your channel and to get more YouTube subscribers, because who doesn’t love to have something cool and useful for free just through some clicks here and there.

While it is effortless for them, those clicks are very important for you since those clicks can improve your ranking and expand your reach even further. 

Make sure that you know your audience before any contest or giveaway as it will help you decide prizes, which should be relevant to your channel and exciting enough for your audience. After understanding your audience, make goals so that you can lay rules for entering into your contest or giveaway accordingly. 

Don’t forget to read YouTube’s contest terms and conditions as it keeps on changing from time to time, follow them otherwise you’ll put your account at risk. 

  • Through Google AdWords

Now there are many ways to buy YouTube Subscribers, there aren’t many genuine providers out there, so if you want to pay for gaining Subscribers, we recommend you Google AdWords. Google AdWords is an indirect but 100% effective way to get more YouTube subscribers. 

As you won’t be buying subscribers directly, but you’ll be promoting your videos and channel to billion active YouTube users. It’s the easiest and quickest way to get tons of subscribers and engagement without breaching any of the terms and conditions mentioned by YouTube. 

It is more of an organic approach and you might find it expensive but the ROI of advertising on Google Ads will be the highest among all the other ways that you come across. Google AdWords let you target your specific audience in various different ways which include demographic or location-based targeting and interest-based targeting. 

With Google AdWords, you won’t be just getting loyal subscribers but you’ll build momentum for your channel as these ads will create awareness about your channel or brand and make it look more trustworthy even if you just started. 

If you are using YouTube for your business or to drive sales this method might be the changing point for your business as it will help you reach out to your customers fast plus it will increase your website traffic and conversion rate.

How to buy Youtube Subscribers?

Buying YouTube Subscribers in order to grow your YouTube Subscribers isn’t a new trend and has been around for really long. There are plenty of sites out there through which you can buy YouTube Subscribers, but the majority of them are just disgusting scams. 

The sites that can give you real YouTube Subscribers are also hidden in them and those sites have been mentioned in our articles. If you want to buy YouTube Subscribers from those sites, then follow these steps. 

  1. Pick the provider from who you wish to purchase YouTube Subscribers. 
  2. Check their offerings, terms and conditions. 
  3. See if they offer a free trial as it’ll help you test them even better. 
  4. Once you’re done testing, Pick your desired package. 
  5. Add your YouTube channel’s URL so they can deliver it there (under no circumstances should you ever give them your password). 
  6. Pick any of their payment options. I mean you can pick any options but I recommend you to make the payment via PayPal since it’s the most secure option. 
  7. That’s All fam, if you want to know about their delivery process or want to track it, you should definitely give their customer care a ping. 

How to get your YouTube channel monetized?

Step 1 – Reach Milestones 

Firstly, To get your YouTube channel monetized one have to get accepted into the YouTube partner program(YPP). But YPP has its own two requirements and without fulfilling those requirements you won’t be able to apply for your monetization process. So those requirements are: 

1) Your YouTube channel needs to have 1000 subscribers. 

2) Your videos must generate 4000 hours of watch time over the last 12 months. 

Once you reach these milestones you’ll be eligible to apply for the YouTube partner program. And to start the process select “YouTube studio” from the homepage and then select “Monetization” option from the left navigation bar. 

Step 2 –  Comply with all YouTube terms and conditions

After applying into the YPP program you’ll see 3 steps. So you’ll have to go over to their Step 1, which is about reviewing YouTube partner program terms. 

Make sure you carefully go through YouTube terms and conditions and YPP terms and check if you are complying with each of them, it might seems like a tedious task and you might be tempted to skip this part but its a crucial step as in order to make this partnership work you’ll have to know your responsibilities. 

Step 3 – Setting up an AdSense account

Next step is setting up your AdSense account, in order to get paid you’ll have to link an AdSense account to your channel so that YouTube can send your revenue to your bank account through AdSense account. 

So go ahead with step 2 from the channel monetization page, if you already have an AdSense account you can just log in and connect but if you don’t have an AdSense account just follow on-screen instructions (Ah! Make sure that you have just 1 AdSense account and you can connect as many channels as you want with that same AdSense account). 

That’s it, you have successfully applied for YPP now you just have to wait until your application gets reviewed. 

Step 4 – Stay patient when your channel is being reviewed

Once you complete the process, your channel will automatically be put in a queue, and it usually takes a month to complete your reviewing process. Sometimes you might have to wait for more than a month as YouTube human reviewers will review your channel as a whole, and there might be multiple reasons for delays.

Just in case if your channel application gets rejected from YPP, you can reapply after 30 days of your rejection. But make sure that your channel is complying with all the policies and guidelines. 

And if your application gets selected, you can enable monetization on your uploads and set up ad preference. 


Growing in social media requires patience. So, rushing stuff does not always give the desired results. Also, try to grow your channels as organically as possible. The quality and entertainment value of your content matters the most. 

If you still feel that boosting stats may help then you can check out these websites. We wish you all the best for the growth of your YouTube channel.