Analyzing the pros and cons of some Bitcoin e-wallets

The Bitcoin trend keeps soaring and thousands of new users join the network each day. The value of this cryptocurrency has sky-rocketed recently and from what the data indicates, it will not slow down of fall in value anytime soon. Ever since Bitcoin broke the 2017 record in value, it has been steadily rising, even though many believed that the price will experience the same fate as 2017 and plunge in a matter of days.

Here we are, in the middle of March, and Bitcoin’s value exceeds $50,000 and it is as valuable as gold. Since many people are joining the network, but are not too familiar with all the processes, we decided to take a look at something that is often overlooked. E-wallets are a very important part of the process of trading with Bitcoin as they can safely store your assets before you sell them.

We are going to take a look at some of the best e-wallets on the market and name all of their pros and cons, thus help you make a perfect choice. But, since profit is the first thing that comes to mind when trading with Bitcoin, let’s check out which trading site can help you maximize your profits.

The Most Reputable Trading Site

Trading sites are more than just marketplaces that connect you with your buyers. Some of the most reputable sites even use advanced AI systems that can help you sell your Bitcoins at the highest possible price and maximize your profits. Let us explain how.

The AI system that we are talking about is software that collects all the data about Bitcoin on the market. After the data is collected, the AI analyzes it, thus predicts its future fluctuations. One of the most reputable sites that offer this type of service is This trading platform has thousands of registered users from all around the world and the daily profitability rate here is huge.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best e-wallets and what they have to offer.


After users get familiar with e-wallets, they must choose the best one, according to their needs. Coinbase is considered by many to be the best overall e-wallet for storing Bitcoins. Since it is very easy to handle, Coinbase is the top choice for many novice traders who are just getting to know the Bitcoin network.

Some of the biggest pros that Coinbase has is that it is very easy to start with, it has a strong security track record, and due to its popularity, many people use it, which makes it the best cryptocurrency exchange wallet. The only con that this e-wallet has is that it has pretty high transaction fees compared to other e-wallets, which is not something that traders, especially novices are fond of.


SoFi is a financial company that mostly deals with loans. But, with SoFi Invest, you can buy, store, and sell Bitcoins. The cost of purchasing this e-wallet is zero, as it is free. This e-wallet has tons of pros – it is easy to deal with, it features tons of tools that can help you in the process of trading, you can manage all investments from one account, and the minimum deposit is pretty low. However, SoFi does not support too many currencies – only 6 to be precise.


Our last listing is Ledger. This is a hardware wallet and it comes in the size of a flash drive. You just plug it into your device and use it. Some of the biggest pros that Ledger has are its numerous accepted currencies, safe offline storage, and the high-end mobile version that includes Bluetooth. The only con is that this wallet costs $59+ to purchase.