How to start using Bitcoin: Quick guide

For anyone who is interested to learn the basics of the Bitcoin market,  an informative guide would be very helpful. So here we are to inform you in a simple and easy way the whole procedure to buy Bitcoins. We would also address some of the crucial questions, like how to buy bitcoins? What is the best site to buy bitcoin? What is the best bitcoin wallet? 

Since the inception of money, the foolproof ways to invest the savings have been a prior interest of several people. They also wished to do so while protecting themselves and funds from risks at the same time. However, there were no 100% reliable financial standards as gold can be stolen, real estate can be destroyed and national currencies are too dependent on geopolitics and the economic state of particular countries.

It was in the year  2009 when an unknown programmer or group of programmers called Satoshi Nakamoto initiated to create something completely unique. This is an entity that is nearly impossible to steal,  having a completely decentralized system, not governed by any state or authority and is not made of physical material. So it means it s something we can name as indestructible. This was so unique an incident that we could be right if we say that the said currency was a monetary revolution on its own right. Let us understand what is actually Bitcoins are and understand the money of the future called bitcoin.

It simply makes no difference whether you are an experienced tech guru or a newcomer – you should see for yourself what all the hype is about:

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was developed to function as a peer-to-peer paying system with the same-name unit of account. This might interest you that it was the first cryptocurrency that was operating independently. The people having this virtual money are confident that some national bank or large institution with unknown motives does not control their funds. This system of Bitcoin works as an open-source code that underlies the BTC software spreads the control to all parties and does not allow anyone to interfere secretly in the monetary movement.

You can understand it in simple words as bitcoin is digital information existing and functioning in virtual space, with which you can buy goods and services, make savings, and exchange it for fiat currencies or other material values. The minimum amount of unit that can be transferred is 0.00000001 BTC, and it is called a Satoshi.

How Does Bitcoin Work?

bitcoin evolution is a digital coin that exists as records in the publicly distributed database that is open to everyone, called a blockchain. All of the transactions here are operated without central management.  Here you can find the record of all transactions and addresses of senders & receivers but without personal information about the owners or the number of coins, they have currently. All the transactions are irreversible after both receiver and sender have approved them. By the time they get registered in the system, they are broadcasted to each member of the chain.

This is a kind of E-money that is based on mathematics. This is generated with the help of complex formulas by members of the BTC community. It is open to everyone to join and take part in the process. You can also trade Bitcoins with traditional currencies at various online exchanges, where non-miners can purchase the virtual money. The users can store these coins in digital wallets, without which it is impossible to operate with electronic currency.

All the owners of Bitcoins have received and sending addresses, which function similar to emails but are much more complicated and represent a line of up to 34 random letters and digits.

How To Buy Bitcoins?

You can easily start using bitcoins when you have a digital wallet There are many ways to do so and all have their advantages, disadvantages, and different payment methods:

  • ATMs: This method is quite similar to cash machines but converts traditional money into BTC. 
  • commercial exchanges and brokers: These exchanges and brokers accept credit cards and bank transfers, which are convenient. 
  • peer-to-peer markets: These markets have the software to enable direct trading between buyers and sellers. 
  • VirWox: These are the specialized sites where people can buy and sell bitcoins using PayPal via products for virtual dimes.

The biggest market for BTC is the USA  which offers the widest list of sources to buy them. The platforms famous for P2P-markets are LocalBitcoins, Wall of Coins, Paxful, and BitQuick, while exchanges are Changelly, Coinmama, BitQuick, and Coinbase.