Connie’s Diner will be closed on Sundays, Mondays moving forward

Recently, Connie’s Diner announced that they would be closing on Sundays.

The local mainstay is already closed on Mondays, but added Sunday to the days it would no longer be open effective May 2, a decision ultimately driver by a reassessment of priorities and quality of life.

Paul and Carmen Caratozzolo are the owners of the restaurant, which was started by their mother, Connie, in 1989.

The challenges and stresses of running a business, particularly a restaurant during a pandemic- made the family reconsider being open 6-days a week.

“We’re getting older and it’s time to take a step back,” Paul said of the decision. Over the winter, Carmen contracted a serious case of COVID-19. It was one of the things that helped put the decision in perspective for them.

Customers and staff were widely supportive of the decision to close on Sundays.

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