Grocery costs rising, but stores doing what they can to keep them under control

Have you noticed the price of groceries increasing over the last few months?

The pandemic has had an impact on supply chains across the board, which has in turn, had a dramatic effect on cost of goods in stores.

But why is that if grocery stores saw record-breaking profits in 2020?

Well, it has to do with where the food is coming from. Those products were heavily impacted by cost and staffing issues in 2020 due to shutdowns, coronavirus, and increased demand.

Stores are working hard to mitigate the price increases, but many say are inevitable.

Many shoppers say they are going to different stores, comparing costs before making weekly purchases. Store managers, like those who recently spoke with 13WHAM-TV, say it comes down to the prices that are set by suppliers. “Many prices we don’t set ourselves and it comes through our warehouse so it does go up when they can’t get stuff, and the demand and supply for it,” one explained.

Some managers even say they are shifting costs around the store to balance things out for customers.

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