Supervisors could change local law governing use of room tax dollars, prompting concern from Chamber officials

The Seneca County Board of Supervisors is going to have a decision on its hands this month, as it explores options to overhaul the local law that governs use of room tax collection.

The county collects 3% on rooms that are rented out to individuals, it’s often referred to as a ‘bed tax’.

However, the amendments, which made it through committees last week- will head to the full-board next week.

Among the changes include the use of room tax revenue for infrastructure, parks, and protection of natural resources in the region. This includes lakes, which have been a priority for the Board in recent years.

However, Jeff Shipley, President of the Chamber of Commerce, says the change could be challenging as the county rebounds from COVID-19. The Chamber serves as tourism promotion agency for Seneca County; and through that aforementioned local law- receives a large chunk of the room tax collection to promote. Chamber Board President Bruce Murray agreed.

Under the changes, an advisory committee would also be formed to determine the best ways to spend the money.

The Board and Chamber have had a rocky relationship over the last several years. This new effort to overhaul the local law adds to that challenged relationship.

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