Canandaigua city school, FLCC leaders talk successes, challenges of pandemic

The Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce held a virtual panel discussion on the state of education this week- talking about lessons learned from the pandemic, the significant community support, and how those in education adapted.

“Being an educator right now, I don’t know if there’s ever been a more challenging time,” Canandaigua Superintendent Jamie Farr said.

The pandemic at its core was a series of ‘unknowns’, according to Finger Lakes Community College President Robert Nye. “It’s tough, the unknowns, and dealing with the unknowns and trying to plan with unknowns is probably one of the biggest challenges,” he explained.

Some of the educators on the call cited the success of remote learning. “It allows a student simultaneously to take a class in-person, right here, brick and mortar, take it where it’s recorded, come home from work at 8 o’clock at night, listen to the recording and still be connected. Or take it fully online, all at one time,” Nye explained.

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