Nuisance property board in Auburn is not a complete solution to nuisance properties

The latest incident related to 8 Delevan Street is the arrest of a suspect in the 2019 homicide in Auburn on an unrelated child pornography charge.

Auburn City Police Chief, Shawn Butler, states that the use of the city’s nuisance property advisory board will help to address the continuous issue.

“Unfortunately landlords aren’t able to evict problem tenants due to the current moratorium,” Butler said.

He adds that he hopes the nuisance board will help on a city level due to the current issue of courts being backed up creating stalling around the issue of 8 Delevan Street.

Butler stated he knows the nuisance board isn’t a total solution to the issue, but is hoping it will help.

The panel includes Chief Butler, Fire Chief Mark Fritz and City Manager Jeff Dygert, who will have the ability to revoke Certificates of Occupancy at nuisance residences.

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