Can you get a refund if you buy a concert ticket, but aren’t vaccinated?

What happens if you buy a ticket for a show or concert this summer- and realize you cannot attend because there’s a vaccination requirement?

Well, officials with companies like Live Nation are weighing in, noting that once you hit the ‘buy now’ button- the transaction is final.

While there might be some option for extenuating circumstances- calling customer service might not create a resolution.

For concerts at St. Joseph’s Health Lakeview Amphitheater- proof of vaccination will be required- and if a person buys a ticket and isn’t vaccinated- the cost will be their own burden.

Some customers, even vaccinated ones, believe that companies like Live Nation ought to offer refunds. However, companies say they are making clear up-front that vaccination is required.

One looming question, which hasn’t been addressed by companies like Live Nation is how children will be handled. They cannot get vaccinated, but could in theory attend a concert.

The companies are expected to continue making updates to their policies in the coming weeks as the summer concert season gets underway.

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