Canadian border eases requirements for Canadians and permanent residents but stays closed to Americans

While Americans still aren’t getting into Canada right now, restrictions are being eased for Canadians and permanent residents.

Beginning just before midnight on July 5 Canada will allow Canadian citizens who are fully vaccinated as well as permanent residents into Canada without the need for quarantine. People arriving via airplane will not be required to stay at government-authorized hotels.

Public officials in upstate New York are becoming frustrated with the lack of commitment from the Canadian government regarding the reopening of borders along New York State.

While the borders remain closed into the summer, businesses that rely heavily on Canadian tourism, especially in Buffalo, will continue to struggle for the second summer in a row. Families with properties in Canada are worried they may be unable to visit and upkeep their properties for two years.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has stated he will not rest until the border is safely and effectively opened for vaccinated New York State residents.

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