3 beginner lifehacks on how to withdraw money from online casinos

Withdrawing winnings from online casinos is one of the most exciting moments of online gambling. However, many casino players online are disappointed in it because their withdrawals become impossible, get delayed, or get rejected by the casino team. Most of the time, players blame casino sites for “stealing” their money.

However, the truth is that only sometimes, rejected or delayed withdrawal is caused by a scammy casino site. Most of the time, it is beginner players who fail to read the rules carefully, and follow the instructions to make their withdrawal successful.

Even the best payout online casinos that do send the winnings to the customers can delay or reject a withdrawal if the casino’s rules are violated. It is also fair to say, though, that some casino sites do not explain their rules very well, and beginner punters find it hard to make head or tail of the Terms and Conditions.

This is why this post talks about the key 3 lifehacks that will make withdrawals easier, and more comprehensive.

Why Withdrawals Can Be Tricky

Withdrawal is the pinnacle event of all the online gambling process, and all gamblers wait for it with excitement. However, since it is the last event of the online gambling circle, many gamblers are just not aware that there are so many processes taking place before withdrawal, and how much successful withdrawal depends on all those processes also being successful.

Many things can go wrong long before the player requests a withdrawal from the casino site, starting with the choice of banking method and currency, following the bonus rules, and fitting into the withdrawal limits.

Upon withdrawal request, the casino team takes time to double-check the customer’s every step and every action on the platform, to ensure that every rule was followed, and no violations took place.

And, keeping in mind how many beginner gamblers ignore reading Terms and Conditions, naturally, many violations occur, and as a result, the casino site can reject the request.

3 Key Lifehacks To Consider

Withdrawals can be hard for any player from any country. This is not a specific problem of Canadian gamblers online.

To ensure successful withdrawals, many nuances must be considered. Online casino reviewing platform CasinosHunter explains more in detail how to deal with bonuses and banking, and how to choose the best paying casino sites for Canada.

The list below does not explain all the details, but gives a broader picture of the key aspects to keep in mind.

Deposit Wisely

Many beginner online casino gamblers undermine their withdrawal success at the very beginning when they decide to make a deposit to the casino site, and they are completely unaware of that fact. Here are the reasons why wrong depositing can result in rejected withdrawal:

  • depositing in local currency to a casino site that has its internal default currency (usually an international one) can result is double currency conversion, and very low amount on balance when it comes to withdrawing
  • some casinos only send withdrawals to the same banking channel that was previously used for depositing. Depositing via a banking method not fit for withdrawals can result in no withdrawal at all
  • some casinos send the amount equal to the initial deposit, to the same channel used previously for depositing, and the excess amount of winnings – to another banking method, so the player has to have at least two banking methods connected to the account

Avoid Bonuses

Unless the player knows exactly how casino bonuses work, reads Bonus Terms carefully, and can assess whether the bonus is worth taking, and how it will impact their odds of winning cash, we strongly recommend beginner gamblers to avoid bonuses. With bonuses, if they are not handled correctly, all problems start.

Here is the short list of reasons how bonuses can undermine your ability to withdraw the winnings:

  • high wagering requirements applied to the bonus do not allow to win enough money to withdraw eventually; you just wager for the sake of wagering
  • not meeting the wagering requirements means no withdrawal will be allowed by the casino site
  • betting higher than the maximum bet with an active bonus results in bonus winnings confiscated (so you have nothing to withdraw)
  • playing games that do not contribute to the bonus wagering requirements leads to wagering requirements not met, withdrawal not possible
  • playing games not allowed for wagering the bonus results in bonus and bonus winnings confiscated, no withdrawal possible
  • taking a No Deposit bonus means you will not be able to withdraw any winnings until you deposit (so withdrawal request will be delayed)

Depending on the specific bonus terms of every particular casino site, the ways how bonus can undermine customer’s withdrawal can change. The rule of thumb is, if you do not know how this or that bonus impacts your ability to cash out – don’t take it.

Verify Your Account

All newly registered casino customers can deposit and make real money bets the moment they finish the account and connect their preferred banking method. However, they will not be able to withdraw any winnings until their account is verified by the casino team. Verification requires uploading certain documents like proof of identity and proof of residence, and can take up to 2 weeks to complete (if the casino team has lots of accounts to verify). Before verification, withdrawal will not be allowed, and during the verification process, all payments may be disallowed. This is why casino customers should take care of account verification early.