Crews work to free ATV from Sodus Bay after apparent rescue on Tuesday (photo)

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A rescue took place during the morning hours along Sodus Bay after an apparent incident involving an ATV. People could be seen working along Sodus Bay during the early-afternoon hours to free the small vehicle. No one was injured during the incident, which necessitated a rescue. This story will be updated as more information becomes available. Think you’re having a... more

Plenty of ice to do some fishing (photo)

Plenty of ice to do some fishing (photo)
Wind chills in the negatives numbers didn’t stop ice fishermen from getting out onto Sodus Bay and setting up camp for the day. Sodus Bay ice is 8-12 inches thick now and the perch are plenty according to the reports. When the photographer was out-and-about, around 80 ice fisherman could be seen on the bay. Photo by Chris Trine. more
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