Gov. Cuomo wants to move to payroll tax, away from income tax system

Change is always interesting. On Tuesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled his budget plan calling for big shifts in how taxes are handled in New York. The Governor’s ask includes shifting away from employees paying an income tax, and moving to a payroll tax. Another option weighed by the governor is a charitable contribution program so hoemowners can still fully deduct... more

Portable ‘sea walls’ being deployed along Lake Ontario in Sodus Point (video)

Governor Andrew Cuomo was critical of the IJC board, who has ‘allowed’ Lake Ontario to reach levels of emergency flooding. While speaking in Greece on Tuesday, he announced a series of ‘assists’ that the state will getting to those living along Lake Ontario, who have been adversely impacted by Lake Ontario flooding. It’ll start with up to $40,000 for homeowners... more

Sen. Pam Helming hopeful that budget will benefit Finger Lakes (video)

This budget season was a challenge. Love or hate Governor Andrew Cuomo, he has made passing budgets on time a hallmark of his administration. This year though, the budget process got complicated — and was ultimately late due to friction in a couple of specific areas. The fight to ‘Raise the Age’, which Senator Pam Helming (R, C, I-54) called... more

‘Excelsior Scholarship’ will rollout in 2017: Here’s what you need to know

Part of the budget agreed to by legislators and Governor Andrew Cuomo includes an aggressive push to make college more affordable for middle- and low-income families. It was one of the first proposals put forward by Gov. Cuomo during his ‘State of the State’ addresses, and included an appearance by former Democratic White House hopeful Bernie Sanders. The deal will... more

Lawmakers react to state budget negotiations, extender

An extended budget is the only thing that stands between New York State and a shutdown now that the budget deadline has come and gone. Sen. Pam Helming (R-C-I-54) voted to pass the extension, which provides temporary relief for facilities that would otherwise be hit hard by the failure by state legislators to pass a budget. Hospitals and nursing homes... more