INSIDE THE FLX: Montreuil dissects ‘Weather Hype’ & new NWS warning system (podcast)

How big a deal is weather hype in the world of forecasting? Well for anyone who has seen or experienced those over-hyped forecasts, it can be a challenge. It interferes with plans, creates unneessary worry, and all the while — does so for the gain of clicks, traffic, or recognition. For forecasters like FLX Weather Founder and Meteorologist Drew Montreuil... more

Significant winter weather event looming? Local forecaster says not so fast

Any sunshine that the Finger Lakes is experiencing this morning should be worn away by mid- to late-afternoon as a cold front approaches. According to our local forecast, temperatures will be in the mid-40s thanks to a southerly wind. Rain showers will be possible in developing during the afternoon hours, which will trumped by a period of light rain as... more