FLX POLITICS: ‘Signs’ of a costly problem looming on NY highways

All signs point to an expensive ending for this story in New York. The Federal Highway Administration says that nearly 500 “I Love NY” signs have to go, or New York will have to part with nearly $1 billion in federal funding. The signs are a relatively recent addition to highways across the state, but nonetheless offer a glimpse into... more

Mettler Toledo exiting the region, taking 185 jobs with it

The already shrinking manufacturing sector here in the Finger Lakes just got smaller by 185 jobs. This week it was announced that Mettler Toledo would be building a $30 million dollar facility, bringing 500 new jobs to a location in Pasco County. The Tampa Bay Times reports that the 250,000-square-foot facility will be located near Tampa. Mettler Toledo Safeline has... more

Looking at the ‘income gap’ in the Finger Lakes

If you take the income of the top-percentage of earners in any area — removing them from determining the average income of the other 99 percent — what would that do to the median income? It’s a valid question that I set out to determine after reading some data, and seeing some maps on income trends nationally. Some data had... more