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Geneva City Council Approves Controversial Police Review Board on 6-3 Vote

Geneva City Council approves Police Review Board by 6-3 vote

On Wednesday Geneva City Council ended a nearly year-long saga by approving Public Law 1-2021, which establishes a Police Review Board. Prior to Wednesday’s vote, most of the Council took time to speak on the proposed Public Law and the process that ... MORE
Councilor Ken Camera Discloses Confidential Personnel Information During Open meeting – Residents Turn Out In Force To Comment ON Police Review Board Proposal

Geneva City Councilor discloses confidential information, public turns out in force on PRB issue

During Thursday’s Geneva City Council meeting Councilor Ken Camera (Ward 4) appeared to disclose potentially confidential personnel information during a live public meeting that was airing on YouTube. Towards the end of the meeting, the issue of Council being blamed for voting ... MORE
Procedural Error Forced City of Geneva To Reschedule Police Review Board Public Hearing

Procedural error forces Geneva City Council to reschedule PRB public hearing

The City of Geneva has been struggling with consideration of a Police Review Board (PRB) public law for months. Geneva City Council previously held a nearly three-hour public hearing on the initial Police Accountability Board (PAB) proposal on September 22nd. Since then, ... MORE
Geneva Police Review Board Public Hearing Rescheduled

Police Review Board public hearing rescheduled in Geneva

On Wednesday Geneva City Council was scheduled to hold its second public hearing on the Police Review Board (PRB) Public Law. However, instead Council met to reschedule the hearing. Council was forced to reschedule the hearing because staff failed to submit the ... MORE
Police Accountability Board Renamed Police Review Board  Police Review Board Law Could Be Subject to a Mandatory Referendum

PAB renamed in Geneva: Could it be subject to mandatory referendum?

On Monday Geneva City Council met in another 3-hour session to address the remaining issues involving the proposed Police Accountability Board. For the most part, the Council continued to rehash previously discussed sections of the law. However, one major new proposal did ... MORE
Geneva City Council Fights Through Another  Police Accountability Board Public Law Work Session

Geneva City Council fights through another PAB work session

On Thursday Geneva City Council met for what some believed would be the final Council work session on the proposed Police Accountability Board (PAB) Law. Instead, the meeting showed that the Council is far from being close to taking the proposed law ... MORE
Council Denies PAB Unrestricted Access to GPD Bodycam Footage – Valentino Ignores Councilors’ Motions to Amend PAB Law As Not Specific Enough

Geneva City Council denies PAB unrestricted access to body cam footage

Mayor Steve Valentino opened the meeting by asking City Attorney Emil Bove, Jr. to discuss a proposal to establish a time requirement for filing PAB complaints. Bove presented language to the Council that proposed a 180-day complaint filing deadline. Bove contended that ... MORE
Geneva City Council Votes To Revisit Officer Layoffs

City Council votes to revisit police officer layoffs in Geneva

The Geneva City Council held its regular monthly meeting Wednesday, November 5th. The meeting was streamed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, and one of the most-controversial topics from the group’s last session was back on the agenda. The meeting opened with Councilor ... MORE
Geneva City Council Revisits Budget Deletions And  Returns $8,700 For Foundry Voucher Program And $2,500 For Colony Care Givers

Geneva City Council revisits budget items cut in last session, returns foundry voucher program

The Geneva City Council met Monday for a budget work session. The Council resumed virtual meetings via Zoom due to the increase in COVID-19. The Council continued to try and cut enough spending from the 2021 budget to reduce the anticipated 13% ... MORE
Divided Geneva City Council struggles with PAB law at another meeting on topic of policing

Divided Geneva City Council struggles with PAB law at another meeting on topic of policing

The Geneva City Council met Thursday in an attempt to finish redrafting the proposed public law that would establish a Police Accountability Board (PAB). Despite having seven sections of the proposed law to review, and a desire by some Councilors to revisit ... MORE
Geneva City Council Approves Bodycam Taskforce and  Police Department Budget Review Board Bylaws

Geneva City Council approves bodycam taskforce, holds hearings, and hears public comment at lengthy October meeting

The Geneva City Council held its regular monthly meeting Wednesday with seven-of-the-nine council members attending in person. Mayor Steve Valentino, who continues to quarantine following out of state travel, and Laura Salamendra (Ward 5) attended the meeting via Zoom Conference Call. The ... MORE
Divided Council Clueless About Cost of Police Accountability Board

Geneva City Council struggles to understand what police accountability board will cost

The Geneva City Council met for nearly 3 hours Tuesday for a work session regarding the proposed public law to establish a Police Accountability Board (PAB) in Geneva. Despite Mayor Steve Valentino’s assertions when the work sessions were established in January 2020 ... MORE
Geneva City Council Calls For Balancing Budget On Backs Of City Employees

Property tax increase of 13% possible in Geneva as City looks for ways to balance budget during workshop

Geneva City Council held a budget work session on Wednesday as it considered the financial future of the municipality in Ontario County. The Council met in person at a location that was not disclosed on the meeting notice or agenda. However, the ... MORE
Opposition Comes Out Swinging At  Police Accountability Board Public Hearing

Opposition heard loudly at public hearing on police accountability board in Geneva

On Wednesday, September 23rd Geneva City Council held the long-awaited Public Hearing on the Council’s proposed Police Accountability Board (PAB) law (Public Law #1-2020). The public hearing was held via Zoom. It had originally been scheduled for August 5th but was delayed ... MORE
Public hearing set for PAB in Geneva: People’s Peaceful Protest throws support behind draft law

Public hearing set for PAB in Geneva: People’s Peaceful Protest throws support behind draft law

It didn’t come without a fair share of controversy, and several hours of public meetings, but the City of Geneva has drafted a proposed local law that would create a police accountability board. The draft law was released by the city on ... MORE