Lazzaro appoints unelected rep to serve as deputy supervisor in Seneca Falls

Lazzaro appoints unelected rep to serve as deputy supervisor in Seneca Falls
Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Greg Lazzaro has appointed TJ Casamassima to the position of deputy town supervisor. Previously a town councilor, Casamassima will serve as deputy supervisor in Supervisor Lazzaro’s absence. Casamassima previously served on the Town Board between 2011 and 2014. He’s currently a freelance court reporter and a volunteer with the Seneca Falls Fire Department, where he serves... more

Seneca County responds after supervisor says Cayuga Nation police should be stripped of guns

As debate continues in Seneca and Cayuga counties regarding the legitimacy of the Cayuga Nation Police Force – one supervisor from the Town of Seneca Falls sounded off in a profanity-laced email to other local officials and the press. Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Greg Lazzaro called on Seneca County’s lawyers to take action; and for local law enforcement to ‘stop... more

‘AGGRESSIVE’ DEFENSE APPROVED: SF moves toward showdown in court over landfill law as residents voice spectrum of concerns

‘AGGRESSIVE’ DEFENSE APPROVED: SF moves toward showdown in court over landfill law as residents voice spectrum of concerns
Years have passed, and the makeup of the Seneca Falls Town Board has changed – but the debate hasn’t eased. Stakeholders throughout the region have been weighing in on a proposed host agreement, which was initially revealed to the public by way of a memorandum of understanding. That agreement, among other things – would create a written closure date of... more

TIME FOR CHANGE: Deputy Supervisor Ferrara calls for efficiency, more community input

“We need to be more efficient and better for our taxpayers.” Those were the words spoken by Deputy Supervisor Lou Ferrara at Tuesday’s Town Board meeting in Seneca Falls. On the heels of a significant tax hike, the councilor said it’s time to begin looking at the value provided to the community — as well as the effectiveness. “We need... more

Supervisors spar over incinerator, landfill at committee session

Tempers flared during Tuesday’s Agriculture and Environmental Affairs standing committee meeting, which saw board members spar over two of the most-controversial issues in Seneca County. The first involved a resolution, which started out as a proposed local law. While proposed Local Law C of 2018 never made it across the finish line during the session — a resolution opposing the... more

Hearing on Ludovico Trail will be held at SF Municipal Building despite capacity concerns

Taking the advice of two different attorneys, Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Greg Lazzaro says the venue of the public hearing scheduled for March 6th will not be changed. While he initially considered changing the venue — Lazzaro said that after getting two legal opinions — there wouldn’t be enough time to change the venue of the session. The necessity of... more

Seneca Falls Municipal Building ‘compromised’ as vendor dispute escalates

Town Supervisor Greg Lazzaro says it’s a matter of safety and security. That matter involves a computer, once used in the ‘Server Room’ at the new Seneca Falls Municipal Building. The computer was owned by a former-vendor, who brought it in to house a number of Town-related items. In late-December one of the doors to the Municipal Building ceased operating.... more

WEBER THIS WEEK: Seneca Falls Supervisor Lazzaro in-studio (podcast)

Town of Seneca Falls Supervisor Greg Lazzaro was in-studio on this week’s edition of Weber This Week on Monday afternoon. Topics include the recent water main break that resulted in an extended boil water order, Tuesday’s election where Seneca Falls voters will decide on two seats on the Town Council, and the latest issues facing the Town of Seneca Falls.... more

UPDATE: Would fleet management save Seneca Falls money? Presenter says ‘yes’

It all comes down to reducing operating costs and saving the Town money. Fleet management is something that more municipalities — big and small — are turning to, as they look at how to handle aging, and increasingly expensive fleets of vehicles. On Tuesday, the Town Board received a presentation from Enterprise Fleet Management, an affiliate of car rental company... more

Supervisor says Seneca Falls will be ‘less dependent’ on landfill revenue in budget memo

Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Greg Lazzaro says it’s about keeping a commitment to taxpayers. In a memo to staff, which was exclusively obtained by FingerLakes1.com — Lazzaro outlines expectations for the 2018 budget. “As a board we are facing a definite ‘change of circumstance’ financially for the Town with the projected close of the landfill,” Lazzaro’s memo reads. “We are... more

SHAKEUP: Seneca Falls Town Attorney resigns, David Lee Foster hired as replacement

On Wednesday, the Seneca Falls Town Board held a special meeting to address a resignation. While the subject was not clear until the meeting began, Seneca Falls Town Attorney Patrick Morrell was not present. Immediately after the session began Councilman Lou Ferrara made a motion to enter executive session, which would allow the board to discuss the personnel matter. The... more

Supervisor Lazzaro: New lawsuit against SF is ‘frivolous’

Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Greg Lazzaro said Wednesday morning that the Town had been served with an Article 78 petition, calling into question the decision reached by the Town Board to pass Local Law No. 2 of 2017. It’s the second time this year that the Town or Town Board faces litigation over a local law. In February, the Town... more

Supervisor will not seek councilman’s resignation in Seneca Falls

Although New York state police are expected to serve an appearance ticket for second-degree harassment to Councilman Thomas Ruzicka in the coming days following an investigation into an incident at Parkers restaurant on May 5th, Town Supervisor Greg Lazzaro will not ask Ruzicka to resign his seat on the board.   According to Seneca Falls Town Councilor Dave DeLelys, Trooper... more

Lazzaro: ‘Compromise’ a must moving forward in Seneca Falls (video)

Supervisor Greg Lazzaro says he enjoys serving the community and people of Seneca Falls, but wants to see more cooperation and compromise. On Monday, Lazzaro was a guest on Weber this Week, where he discussed the challenges associated with governing through polarizing political times. The most-polarizing issue in Seneca Falls has revolved around the future of the Seneca Meadows Landfill.... more

FOR SALE: Former school, Town Hall on the market in Seneca Falls

The former home of the Seneca Falls Town Offices is up for sale. The 33,000 sq-ft facility, which was previously the home to the St. Patrick’s School had also been home to the Town Board, Town Court, and other municipal offices after it’s closure in 2004. The Town now occupies 130 Ovid St., which means the former-school is empty. This... more

WEBER THIS WEEK: Seneca Falls Supervisor Greg Lazzaro in-studio (podcast)

On Monday afternoon, Weber this Week will featured Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Greg Lazzaro. Lazzaro joined Harold ‘Web Dog’ Weber in the FingerLakes1.com Studio in downtown Seneca Falls. The appearance was just days before the crucial Public Hearing on Local Law No. 2 of 2017, which would rescind the previously-passed Local Law No. 3 of 2016 — otherwise known as the... more

Seneca Falls holds special meeting to address vacated seats

Seneca Falls holds special meeting to address vacated seats
The Seneca Falls Town Board met in a special meeting on Monday at 4 pm to address the recently-vacated seats left by Chad Sanderson and James Ricci. The board also addressed the steps they would be taking in the coming weeks to fill those vacated seats. The short meeting was set to address the process by which a replacement would... more