‘AGGRESSIVE’ DEFENSE APPROVED: SF moves toward showdown in court over landfill law as residents voice spectrum of concerns

‘AGGRESSIVE’ DEFENSE APPROVED: SF moves toward showdown in court over landfill law as residents voice spectrum of concerns
Years have passed, and the makeup of the Seneca Falls Town Board has changed – but the debate hasn’t eased. Stakeholders throughout the region have been weighing in on a proposed host agreement, which was initially revealed to the public by way of a memorandum of understanding. That agreement, among other things – would create a written closure date of... more

Lazzaro says board needs to ’embrace’ new host agreement, but does he have the votes?

Time for change? Documents showcase possible deal between Seneca Falls, Seneca Meadows
Is it time for a new deal in Seneca Falls? Documents outlining a new host agreement between the Town of Seneca Falls and Seneca Meadows Landfill show major changes from the 2007 agreement currently in place. It assumes the passing of a new local law, which would keep Seneca Meadows operating through the end of 2037. It would all be... more

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Neighbor of Seneca Meadows wants to jump-start stalled lawsuit on 2025 landfill closure

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Neighbor of Seneca Meadows wants to jump-start stalled lawsuit on 2025 landfill closure
A frustrated neighbor of the Seneca Meadows Inc. landfill has asked a judge for permission to intervene in a long-delayed civil case challenging a local law that requires the state’s largest trash dump to close by 2025. Dixie D. Lemmon argues that attorneys representing Seneca Meadows, the plaintiffs in the case, and attorneys for the Town of Seneca Falls and... more

MANTIUS: Landfill makes offer SF ‘cannot refuse’ in new draft of host agreement

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The state’s largest landfill is floating a proposal to push back its mandatory closure date from 2025 to 2037 in exchange for sweetened annual “host” payments to the Town of Seneca Falls. A proposed resolution outlining the plan may be presented to the town board for a vote Tuesday night Oct. 2. But the measure may be pulled from the... more

Kyle Black calls on board to avoid litigation, presents Seneca Falls with two large checks

It was an exciting night for Seneca Falls residents who are hopeful for a relief from a strained relationship between the Town and one of it’s largest economic drivers. Seneca Meadows Landfill Regional Manager Kyle Black addressed the board, presenting two checks making the case for local economic impact. “Seneca Meadows is pleased to provide our 2017 fourth quarter payment... more

Resident takes board to task over tax hike in Seneca Falls

The Seneca Falls Town Board met for their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, with the recent passage of the 2018 budget fresh on the minds of residents and board members alike. Public comment was dominated by the issues that have made headlines over the last several months in Seneca Falls. The filing and impact of an Article 78 by Seneca... more

Supervisor says Seneca Falls will be ‘less dependent’ on landfill revenue in budget memo

Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Greg Lazzaro says it’s about keeping a commitment to taxpayers. In a memo to staff, which was exclusively obtained by FingerLakes1.com — Lazzaro outlines expectations for the 2018 budget. “As a board we are facing a definite ‘change of circumstance’ financially for the Town with the projected close of the landfill,” Lazzaro’s memo reads. “We are... more

ELECTION ISSUES: Looking at Seneca County’s political climate

Voters have their work cut out for them this November. Seneca County might be one of the most-rural, yet controversial and active political spaces in the entire Finger Lakes. Lacking some of the conventional structures that other counties take for granted – like a water authority – those elected to supervising position are left with the daunting task of making... more

SMI gives update, speakers rail against landfill as supervisors meet

Seneca Meadows District Manager Kyle Black gave an update to the Seneca County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday regarding their ongoing efforts at the facility along State Route 414 to mitigate odors and continue working with the community. According to Black, construction of 15 acres of landfill liner are planned, as well as the completion of a 25 acre final... more

THE DEBRIEF: Seneca Falls Lawsuit, Geneva Foundry, Lake Ontario & “Lu-Lu” checks (podcast)

On Thursday night’s edition of the Debrief Podcast Jackie Augustine and Josh Durso discussed a variety of topics including a new Article 78 petition filed in Seneca Falls, the ongoing debate around the Geneva Foundry, as well as “Lu-Lu” checks distributed to certain members of Senate, and New York’s response to the flooding along Lake Ontario. Watch the entire podcast... more

SMI employees take pledge to combat texting and driving

Food, cell phones, pets and kids arguing in the back seat are all everyday distractions we face while driving. If you’re like me, you pledge to cut down on the avoidable distractions, then find yourself sneaking a peak at your cell phone when a call comes in that seems too important to ignore. So, how can we stay steadfast? Our... more

Supervisor will not seek councilman’s resignation in Seneca Falls

Although New York state police are expected to serve an appearance ticket for second-degree harassment to Councilman Thomas Ruzicka in the coming days following an investigation into an incident at Parkers restaurant on May 5th, Town Supervisor Greg Lazzaro will not ask Ruzicka to resign his seat on the board.   According to Seneca Falls Town Councilor Dave DeLelys, Trooper... more

Seneca Meadows Wetlands Preserve featured in magazine

Seneca Meadows, Inc. announced its wetlands preserve on Black Brook Rd. was featured in Land and Water Magazine, a national publication which services the erosion control and water management industry. The success of the extensive wetlands mitigation project at the Seneca Meadows Wetlands Preserve, as well as a successful brook realignment project, were also featured in the magazine’s March/April issue.... more

HERRON: Children must be protected

Mothers of Seneca County: You have spent tireless hours researching the benefits of breast milk versus formula, to immunize or not to immunize. You have compared car seats and brands of baby food . You have spent hours interviewing day care providers, and teaching your children basic manners and safety. You have done all of this out of the love... more

EMOTIONS SPILL OVER: Alleged physical altercation between Town Councilors being investigated by SFPD

Tensions were running high during Friday’s special meeting where the Seneca Falls Town Board voted 3-2 to enact Local Law No. 2 of 2017. The new local law rescinds a previously passed local law entitled the “Waste Disposal Law,” which would have closed Seneca Meadows in 2025 — and prevented any additional landfill operations from opening in Seneca Falls. As... more

Landfill law rescinded by Seneca Falls board (video)

The local law passed in 2016 that would have forced Seneca Meadows to cease operations in 2025 at the landfill on Route 414 has been rescinded. It was standing room only in the courtroom for the Seneca Falls Town Board special meeting Friday evening, May 5th. Members of the grassroots group Seneca Falls Environmental Action Committee were lining the street... more

GUEST: Seneca Meadows is ‘no friend’ of the community

Much has been made of the last Seneca Falls Town Council election. Town Supervisor Lazzaro proposes that the election was a vote for Mr. Ferrara, Mr. Ruzicka and Seneca Meadows and a mandate that the future of Seneca Falls should be placed in their hands. I propose that the controversial election was, at its core, a vote against higher taxes.... more

AVERY: Local Law 3 should be allowed to stand in Seneca Falls

This article is a direct rebuttal of Kyle Black’s guest editorial published on FingerLakes1.com on April 5th, and has been formatted to address each of the major points he made. Seneca Meadows says that the Chamber of Commerce votes ‘no’. Officials representing the Chamber of Commerce have repeatedly spoken for the landfill and against Local Law 3. Most of us think of... more
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