Action on landfill law possible in Seneca Falls on Tuesday

On Tuesday the Seneca Falls Town Board will meet for the first time since the dramatic public hearing on a newly-proposed local law. Proposed Local Law No. 3 of 2017, which would rescind Local Law No. 3 of 2016 has generated a lot of debate within the community. The Waste Disposal Law of Seneca Falls or Local Law No. 3,... more

Public Hearing on Local Law No. 2 held Wednesday (video)

When the Seneca Falls Town Board convened to hold a Public Hearing on the controversial Local Law No. 2 of 2017 — the community saw a variety of speakers, take a variety of positions on the ongoing debate around the future of Seneca Meadows. Before it could begin, though, Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Greg Lazzaro had to ask residents to... more

Lazzaro: ‘Compromise’ a must moving forward in Seneca Falls (video)

Supervisor Greg Lazzaro says he enjoys serving the community and people of Seneca Falls, but wants to see more cooperation and compromise. On Monday, Lazzaro was a guest on Weber this Week, where he discussed the challenges associated with governing through polarizing political times. The most-polarizing issue in Seneca Falls has revolved around the future of the Seneca Meadows Landfill.... more

Does Local Law 3 violate host agreement in Seneca Falls?

There hasn’t been a more hotly-debated issue in Seneca Falls than the operating future of Seneca Meadows. The landfill, which operates along State Rt. 414 for decades has come under fire in recent years by a growing group of concerned citizens. As with any controversial issue, each argument one side makes — it is quickly walked back or challenged by... more

Seneca Falls Town Board: Raise put on hold, hearing on LL2 rescheduled

It was a meeting of unexpected outcomes. On Tuesday, the Seneca Falls Town Board met for their regularly scheduled meeting for the month of March. Two major items of public interest were on the agenda — with many expecting action on both. The first involved a pay raise for Seneca Falls Highway Superintendent Jim Peterson. A Public Hearing was held... more

Local laws and litigation: Recent history of landfilling debate in Seneca Falls

The polarizing nature of the Seneca Meadows Landfill in Seneca Falls has folks from every walk of life weighing in. While the community remains largely split on the issues at play — this year is shaping up to be as important — if not more important than 2016. On March 14th a Public Hearing is scheduled to take place at... more

Legislation introduced by Seneca Falls Town Board to kill Waste Disposal Law (video)

  Local Law No. 3, otherwise known as the Waste Disposal Law could be off the books in mere weeks — if the Seneca Falls Town Board continues on the path it has created. On Thursday, in a special session — the Town Board voted 3-2 introducing a new local law, which would nullify the previously adopted Local Law No.... more

LAZZARO: Cuts to services are imminent as Seneca Falls faces litigation over Local Law #3

UPDATE The cuts are coming. In a conversation Saturday morning, Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Greg Lazzaro told FingerLakes1.com that the litigation announced on Friday “Would cost the Town hundreds of thousands of dollars.” He said that the Town Board would begin looking at cutting services and that future budgets would likely be impacted. “Recreation and Public Safety are our two... more
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